Monday, April 23, 2007

Manitoba Calling?

Wedged between the provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan with a large Northern frontage on beautiful Hudson Bay, Manitoba is a naturalist's paradise. The province is the easternmost of Canada's three prairie provinces, replete with rolling hills, verdant forests and abundant wildlife.

Known as the land of 100,000 lakes, Lake Winnipeg, Lake Winnipegosis and Lake Manitoba are the three largest lakes. Forests of pine, hemlock and birch cover northern Manitoba with the Churchill, Nelson and Hayes Rivers flowing north into Hudson Bay.

All of these natural features make Manitoba one of Canada's most amenable vacation and getaway destinations. You can sell your Manitoba cottage free or find cottages and vacation homes for sale or rent, from high end, fully-featured second homes to condos, timeshares and mobile homes.

The name Manitoba comes from a Cree name meaning "the place where the spirit (manitou) speaks." At just over 250,000 square miles (a little larger than Texas and Oklahoma combined) a little more than 1 million people call Manitoba home, making it one of the more sparsely yet still habitable areas in the Northern Hemisphere.

The animal populace consists of large game, such as deer, elk, moose, caribou, black bear, and a wide variety of ducks, geese and other fowl. The lakes of Manitoba are world-renouned as some of the best fishing spots in the world.

For retirement or simply getting away from it all you can find the great properties - or sell yours. Maybe this custom built cottage on Lake Winnipeg is right for you.

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