Friday, October 12, 2007

Countrywide "PROTECT OUR HOUSE" Wrist Band on eBay

With the current malaise in the mortgage and credit industry, Countrywide Financial, the nation's largest mortgage lender (and sub-prime abuser), recently initiated a PR campaign designed to improve employee morale and boost the company's image.

The plan included a pledge, to be signed by loyal employees and a cheap rubber wristband with the Protect Our House slogan.

Some employees are taking advantage of the public's fascination with the sleazy, rah-rah tactics by Countrywide management and have decided to auction their wristbands on eBay. This one has already rung up bids of $165.00 and nearly 10,000 hits and ends on Saturday. There are at least 6 more available on the popular auction site.

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