Friday, February 20, 2009

Finding and Reviewing Business in Australia

I know there are a good number of globe-trotting and Aussie readers of this blog, so from time to time, I like to point out sites I think are useful, entertaining or informative. Then there are the days when certain sites are brought to my attention that satisfy all three criteria.

That's what I call a red-letter site, though you may just want to bookmark it. Today's site in question is known as Rave About It, and its functionality comes in a variety of forms.

One can browse or search for businesses, and one can also write reviews of businesses once signing in for an account. The search function is particularly strong, as it allows for searching for specifics in addition to by locale.

For instance, a search for party hire Sydney returns a wealth of results - everything from Funeral Caterers to Turquoise Turkish Cuisine, and, well, everything in between and beyond.

The site is extremely functional in that you can find a business, read other users' reviews and decide for yourself if it is worth your hard-earned money or whether you should keep on looking. The additional ability to review and rate (with 1-5 check marks) any business you might frequent or happen upon is a great benefit, not only for you, but for anyone who might be searching for a similar business, store, service or experience.

So, when traveling Down Under, don't forget to Rave About It.

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