Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Incredible Levitation Stock Market Routine

Stocks managed another day slightly to the upside on Tuesday, the mood tempered somewhat as there wasn't another world-record bankruptcy to celebrate as on Monday. Without a General Motors going bust, the fat cats must have little to do, trying to keep the mood cheery and uplifting.

Despite the paucity of news - though pending home sales in April were up a reported 6.7% - investors still haven't gotten the idea to lock in profits, expecting the rebound and recovery to continue seemingly forever.

Dow 8,740.87, +19.43 (0.22%)
NASDAQ 1,836.80, +8.12 (0.44%)
S&P 500 944.74, +1.87 (0.20%)
NYSE Composite 6,182.87, +13.80 (0.22%)

Despite the smallish gains on the indices, the positive tone was notable, with advancing issues defeating decliners, 3764-2648. New highs recorded their second straight victory over new lows, 99-81, though it will take more than just a few instances for this to become a trend, and the betting - in this quarter at least - is against it. Volume was solid, roughly in Monday's range, and thus, unimportant.

NYSE Volume 6,945,081,000
NASDAQ Volume 2,406,962,750

Crude oil took a bit of a breather - or, rather, the pumping speculators did - losing 3 cents to $68.55. Gold gained, adding $4.40, to $984.40, in its inexorable push back above $1000. Silver continues to post impressive gains, adding another 22 cents per ounce, to $15.96. The silver rally is real, has legs and should continue unabated beyond $17 in short order.

As for stocks, well, they keep going up, too, but there are many reasons not to like them, the main one being that everyone has grown so complacent in recent weeks, setting up the potential for a swift and violent decline.

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