Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cable or Satellite, Which is the Better Deal?

Since the change over to Digital signals for all broadcast channels, you may have noticed the difference, even if you are a cable subscriber. The picture often freezes or jumps or melts down into what I call, "Impressionist TV," of which Monet, Chagal and contemporary painter, Leroy Neiman, would be proud to show in their homes. But in your home, a jumpy or frozen picture is annoying and unwanted, and when the cable goes down, it all goes, so is there an alternative?

To a large degree, viewers of satellite or Direct TV report many fewer problems than cable viewers, and there are other advantages, regardless of which satellite service you enjoy. The value proposition from satellite DirectTV is that you receive more channels for a lower price and you can also choose movie or sports programming that suits your lifestyle within a variety of affordable plans.

Cable, for what it's worth, seems only interested in getting the maximum amount of money from subscribers. There are few tiered offerings of any value, because most of them start with the "standard" 100 or so channels for a high price and nothing below it of comparable quality.

Directv via satellite offers more choice, better value, and, in the end, a more reliable picture, without the stalls, freezes and jumpiness that is now becoming pandemic among cable and former analog viewers. If you want to enjoy your home theater or large screen TV, satellite is quickly becoming the choice.

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