Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Leveraging the Mobile Internet and Social Media

Leveraging the power of the mobile smart phone market, the internet and social media are key elements of a number of emerging new businesses, some of which could evolve into the "next big thing."

One such company is Digital Development Partners, Inc., a mid-tier start-up company (already listed on the OTCBB under ticker symbol DGDM) with a flagship platform under development which promises to leverage the mobile internet and social media with online couponing for merchants of all sizes.

Already under development is their flagship platform, set for pilot launch in Q2 2010. The company plans to launch the pilot in Asheville, NC and quickly roll out in cities nationwide. YuDeal integrates social networking, real time consumer discounts and advertiser analytics to help advertisers identify and quantify a "Real Time" advertising campaign.

While details are as still sketchy, it would appear that will offer small to medium-sized merchants competitive pricing to market on the platform, which will probably appear as an iPhone App (and also be compatible with other smart phones) for consumers, accessible from either a mobile phone or by computer.

The company's stated goal is to completely change the way advertisers use coupons in much the same way Google changed advertising on the internet with their branded AdWords and AdSense text-ad platform.

DGDM began trading in November and is currently priced around $1 per share.

Digital Development Partners, Inc. (OTCBB: DGDM)

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