Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How To Create Your Own Currency

I promised to divulge information on creating your own currency a couple of days ago, and am now prepared to take a shot at it.

First, however, a quick look at today's financial market action.

Stocks were bounding around in negative territory for most of the session, until the FOMC rate policy decision came out at 2:00 pm. As this was the least hyped Fed meeting in many months, little was expected to change in either the rates or the language. The economy is clearly slip-sliding along, and fears that the recovery is more myth than meat have recently come to the surface.

Nevertheless, stocks staged a little bit of a rally, mostly on news that the Fed would continue doling out scads of free money, at nearly a zero interest rate. Banks which have rights to the discount window are making out like bandits, as they can now pick and choose with whom they desire to do business, which means that Mr. Average Joe with a sound business idea is more likely to get laughed out of the bank rather than be treated with respect. Either that, or the bank will offer him a loan at some ungodly, usurious rate of 25% interest, or more.

The major banks which feed at the trough of the Federal Reserve are lending plenty to people who are buying real estate at distressed levels and/or have businesses the banks want to be a part of. Lending is going primarily to huge corporations in a final push for the perceived goal of Nazi-style fascism, in which the government and big business are in cahoots and the middle and lower classes foot the bill and struggle for existence.

That's good for Wall Street, as today's numbers reinforce the argument that bigger is better and may be all that matters.

Dow 10,236.16, +41.87 (0.41%)
NASDAQ 2,221.41, +17.68 (0.80%)
S&P 500 1,097.50, +5.33 (0.49%)
NYSE Composite 7,035.61, +7.29 (0.10%)

Advancing issued edged decliners, 3391-3082. New highs were 128, to 87 new lows, the closest gap between the two since June, 2009. The market is about to turn over completely in a new downturn which could be severe. Stocks are already off 4-6% from their highs and another 5% drop could easily occur within the next month. Volume was good, though shaky.

NYSE Volume 6,175,805,500
NASDAQ Volume 2,492,886,750

Oil gained 33 cents, to $74.00, a ridiculous number considering not only supply and demand issues, but general trends in the global economy. Expect to see oil under $70/barrel soon, despite the howls from the oil hawks. Gold fell another $13.00, to $1,086.50. Silver slid 44 cents, to $16.43. The drop in the prices of precious metals is quite foreboding, indicating that even holders of wealth fear deflation and another downturn in many of the major economies. A real tip-off that gold had reached its zenith were the number of ads on TV, in newspapers and on the internet looking to exchange cash for gold. It should have been obvious that gold was overvalued when vultures appeared. The irony is that these cash-for-gold bugs will be squashed when the price bottoms. Another industry hitting the skids.

How To Create Your Own Currency

First a definition, from

1. something that is used as a medium of exchange; money.
2. general acceptance; prevalence; vogue.
3. a time or period during which something is widely accepted and circulated.
4. the fact or quality of being widely accepted and circulated from person to person.
5. circulation, as of coin.

Obviously, your currency must be something that people will use in exchange, barter, trade or for payment. It should be widely accepted and have value, and, though this is not a part of the definition - it applies - it should be in ample, ready supply.

The easiest way to explain how to create your own currency, for me, is to relate the story of how I did it, inadvertently, and without knowing I was doing it.

Back in 1982, I started up a free newspaper in downtown Rochester, New York. Appropriately, it was called, Downtown, the Unbound Magazine, later, it became known as the more common, Downtown Magazine.

My currency, though I did not know it at the time, was blank space on the pages of my fledgling newspaper. The paper carried stories of interest to locals and advertisements appealing to the same. I quickly found that writing favorable articles about people, or articles that appealed to large numbers of people (anti-government populism, mostly) won me praise, notoriety and more, including the company of beautiful women, free drinks at local pubs and other assorted niceties from merchants and the general public alike.

Once the paper became widely circulated, my living expenses dropped dramatically. I had too much to eat, drink and be merry. The blank space in my weekly newspaper, filled with appealing stories, was my first currency. I could trade it for favors, food, and much more.

Even more powerful was the advertising space. That was the currency that really clicked. I could go to virtually any merchant in my market and work a deal for cash and/or goods and services. I traded advertising for a monthly allotment of fine men's clothing. I traded restaurant reviews for cash and meals. Anything I wanted, I could get without money, because i had my own currency, which was, after all, a useful means of exchange of ideas, goods, services and good will.

My little newspaper expanded to a point at which I was able to purchase (this with real money) a chain of rural weeklies, printing presses, and a building in which my entire operation was housed. Trading ad space for everything from clothes to event tickets to transportation was available to me because my ad space had value and was widely accepted.

That's it. Get yourself into a business at which you can deliver quality goods or services at a reasonable price to a wide swath of customers and you'll never want for much of anything ever again.

All it takes is a little neediness, desire, persistence and plenty of hard work. Sound familiar? It should. It's how our great nation was built.

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