Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bob Brinker Calls Market Turmoil "Manipulation"

Over the weekend, Bob Brinker, host of the nationally-syndicated financial talk show, Money Talk, characterized the market turmoil of this past Thursday, May 6, 2010, as "manipulation," which has been the stance of this blog since the event occurred.

This may be a notable development, though likely it is not, in that whereas, I, a blogger without an enormous following, have mentioned the manipulation of the stock market numerous times over the past few years without fanfare, but when a national radio host with the reputation and longevity of a Bob Brinker says the very same thing about a specific situation, there may be something to it.

Brinker did not elaborate on who might be doing the manipulation, but the mere fact that he used the word, was something of a shock. My gut feeling is that if Bob Brinker thinks the market was manipulated this past Thursday, then there are surely others who believe the same or at least are thinking along the same lines.

Is Brinker spreading fear uncertainty and doubt (FUD) recklessly, or issuing a heartfelt, albeit shrouded, warning to his loyal listeners? Really makes one wonder about what's really going on with the barons of finance and the Wall Street crowd.

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