Friday, October 29, 2010

More Non-Stop Nonsense in No-Move Market

What a way to end the week. First the government announces 3rd quarter GDP coming in at 2.0%, above estimates of 1.7%. Then they have this phony terrorist package from Yemen BS and that's all anybody can talk about on CNBC.

The whole mess is just so much baloney, it's truly dispiriting. So much so, that I am just going to copy and paste a comment I left on another blog:

That dipshit CNBC bitch Trish Regan keeps droning on and on about how packages are never inspected. Get ready for major price increases on cross border small packages, already ridiculously high. Just another crack on the back of small business in the name of "security."

This government sucks. Best to just ignore them.

Please don't ever vote again. It does only encourage the ass-holes.

Watch what happens next. More security inside the US, allowing Postal Service to inspect all parcels. I never use UPS - too expensive - but I think you have to bring packages to their offices open so they can inspect them. At least that's how it was in the immediate aftermath of 9-11.

My best guess is that about 15 banks are going under later today and this is their way of hiding the fact that America is Land of the Glee and Home of the Knave, and that your bank will be closed on Monday.

Maybe, if we get really lucky, they'll use this ruse to cancel the elections. Ah, crap, that means we'll have at least another two weeks of those damn political ads.

Crap, crap, crap. Give me Liberty or give me shit. Guess we all are getting it now.

The markets were their usual moribund selves on Friday. Nothing seems to move them any more. For the week, here are the moves on the main indices:

DJIA: HIGH: 11266.30,LOW: 11033.87, TOTAL POINT MOVE (from 10/22 close): -14.07
S&P 500: HIGH: 1196.14, LOW: 1171.70, TOTAL POINT MOVE (from 10/22 close): +0.18
NASDAQ: HIGH: 2516.20, LOW: 2470.12, TOTAL POINT MOVE (from 10/22 close): +28.02 WINNER!
NYSE: HIGH: 7615.23, LOW: 7417.42, TOTAL POINT MOVE (from 10/22 close): -9.56

Obviously, this wasn't much of a week for anyone. If diversified correctly, you may have even lost a couple of dollars. How's that retirement thing working out for you?

If the stock market - once the wonder of the world for its efficiency and ability to fund companies and create wealth - gets any more boring, I may have to take up knitting over blogging. If it were not so sad, I'd laugh. I used to love the stock market when I was a kid. Big companies were the stuff of dreams, of American success and exceptionalism. And now... now the stock market only represents greed, manipulation and the rise of the globalist agenda.

Dow 11,118.49, +4.54 (0.04%)
NASDAQ 2,507.41, +0.04 (0.00%)
S&P 500 1,183.26, -0.52 (0.04%)
NYSE Composite 7,513.35, +8.50 (0.11%)

Despite the squeamish headline numbers, advancers were all over decliners, 3868-2608. New highs bettered new lows, 400-59. Volume remains stuck at disturbingly-low levels.

NASDAQ Volume 2,010,327,375
NYSE Volume 4,128,324,750

Oil dipped 75 cents, to $81.43, but the precious metals were the stars of the day. Gold gained $15.10, to $1,357.60, closing in on record highs. Silver continued its massive build, up 69 cents, to $24.56.

There's usually something behind the phony terrorist "alarm" that has now preoccupied the airwaves. Apparently, the mainstream news media hasn't picked up on the fact the the bulk of Americans don't care or aren't scared any more, unless, of course, new coverage interrupts a sporting event or - God forbid - American Idol.

On that note, go scare some kids this weekend. They deserve it. Boo!

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