Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Greatest Scam on Earth Run by Tyrants, Thieves and Traitors

If one didn't know any better, one might come to the conclusion - after viewing market activity on the NYSE and NASDAQ for a few days - that the markets are somehow rigged to never give correct signals and to never follow the same pattern as the day before.

And so it is with our markets, constantly being churned by the big players who will use CNBC as their foil to gin up any kind of story that fits the desired narrative of the day. Yesterday, Ireland's bailout, a flare-up in tensions on the North-South Korea border and raids on hedge funds by the FBI (no, CNBC barely mentions that dirty bit of business), sent stocks down for the day, with the Dow surrendering 142 points.

Today, based solely on improved numbers from the greasy BLS stack of initial unemployment claims (407,000 for the week, a short week at that and sure to be revised higher as they do 90% of the time) stocks gapped up as though yesterday's event occurred in a vacuum or were never really a big deal after all. What gap ups or downs at the open do is trap traders in overnight positions. Only the deft day-trading sharpies at Merrill, Goldman Sachs, et. al., are able to slide seamlessly in and out of stocks without mishap. Individual investors have the deck stacked entirely against them, suffering from limited knowledge, and, as the FBI raids confirm, widespread use of illegal inside information.

Trading in US stocks has become such an open scam that it's laughable to even think of investing in any listed companies. The markets have become completely the province of sophisticated high-rollers who daily prey on the wealth of those invested in mutual funds, 401K plans or individual stocks.

No further proof is needed. It's so blatant and obvious, just compare the trading yesterday and today (scroll down for yesterday's final numbers), and you can see for yourself that the Wall Street mob is running a game more crooked than any three-card monty would ever aspire to be.

In case you're unconvinced, consider that "traders" today completely ignored a 28% drop in new home sales year-over-year and a 3.3% decline in durable goods orders from the previous month.

The closing numbers for the two days are virtually a mirror image with only the plus and minus signs the only differential. What was down yesterday was up today, and the same thing happens over and over and over, until, of course, the big money wants to take it all radically higher or lower and then they induce panic or a two month rally, like the one we just had, lasting from September through the end of October.

A recent government report implied that 20% of Americans are mentally ill, but the number of suckers stuck in retirement plans and mutual funds that are invested in stocks suggests that the number should be much higher, because one would have to be out of their mind to invest in what is nothing more than a rigged carnival game, complete with the same bells at the open and close that one would hear at a casino when the slot machines hit a jackpot.

Except in the case of Wall Street the jackpot is only for the privileged few.

Dow 11,187.28, +150.91 (1.37%)
NASDAQ 2,543.12, +48.17 (1.93%)
S&P 500 1,198.35, +17.62 (1.49%)
NYSE Composite 7,579.26, +108.49 (1.45%)

Advancing issues ramped up well beyond decliners, 5191-1273. New Highs topped new lows, 329-53. Volume was at its lowest level in weeks, which the absolute moronic explanation would be due to the impending holiday, though it really is only more evidence of fraud.

NASDAQ Volume 1,648,491,625
NYSE Volume 3,743,356,250

Another big surprise was the rise in the price of oil, which is tied to gasoline prices at the pump, which shot up $2.61, to $83.86, just before one of the busiest driving periods of the year. Again, big surprise.

Gold fell $3.90, to $1372.60. Silver added six cents, to finish at $27.57. One can clearly see more evidence of fraud on a day that the dollar is up sharply and oil sets off on its own. The normal relationship is for oil to lessen in price when the dollar strengthens and increase when the dollar falls. It's what we've come to expect, though one should suppose that with the now-permanently rigged markets, the only relationship that matters is the big money trying to take more from unprotected individuals.

The FBI raids are a unique feature of the completed control market. Those being raided are the low-hanging fruit. We're tantalized by Goldman Sachs being mentioned as part of the probe, though we know they are exempt. No truly big players will ever receive as much as a subpoena, as the government needs those guys to keep funding their illicit raiding and fining procedures.

And that's all it's about. The government isn't squeezing enough money out of ordinary taxpayers - that well's run dry - so they go after the low hanging fruit that is the hedge fund industry.

Will the fraud and abuse ever end? Absolutely, but the price paid will be either buckets of blood from patriots willing to stand against the oppressive, fascist government-finance coalition, or the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans and their children and grandchildren, a longer, more devastating prospect.

One need not look for this writer in the bread lines or poverty camps. He'll gladly die for what's right than live a lie, without a future. The frauds must be exposed and the guilty tried, jailed and made to make restitution for the billions stolen from ordinary Americans. That day may never come, but if it does, it will be none too soon.

Be thankful for what we have today, but bear in mind that we are being denied much more, as long as we remain in the grip of tyrants, thieves and traitors.

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