Monday, January 10, 2011

More of the Same Old Broken Market

Instead of sounding like a broken record, just the brutal number, and note that stocks were well into the red (Dow down 100 points) early on, but just kept climbing all day.

Dow 11,637.45, -37.31 (0.32%)
NASDAQ 2,707.80, +4.63 (0.17%)
S&P 500 1,269.75, -1.75 (0.14%)
NYSE Composite 7,966.09, -14.23 (0.18%)

Advancing issues actually beat decliners, 3545-3074. NASDAQ new highs: 158; new lows: 10. NTSE new highs: 132; new lows: 13. Volume was horrible. This is a dead market with dead money.

NASDAQ Volume 1,887,066,625.00
NYSE Volume 4,552,878,000

Oil futures were priced higher because of a BP spill in the Trans-Atlantic Pipeline, proving that even when the oil companies screw up, they screw us. NYMEX crude was up $1.22, to $89.25. Gold gained $5.20, to $1,374.10. Silver was up 19 cents, to $28.86.

I have to kick my tenants out of a house I was renting to them. Apparently, the Lease/Purchase deal I made with them for $400/month (no, that's not a typo) was not good enough. They haven't paid January rent. Unbelievable.

I also un-friended (that is not a word... dis-friended?) a guy I knew from high school on Facebook. He's an overbearing bully who is one of those people who is always right, no matter what. In high school he was just overbearing. The bully part probably came from being married, having kids and needing numerous operations.

I decided to quit communicating with him because of unsatisfactory feelings every time I made contact. His loss, I suppose. Facebook is a joke in many regards because people aren't all open and cheery and sharing. Most people are somewhat secretive and tend to argue. Facebook will become more of a battleground than a "social" network. Dis-friending will be a new trend in 2011.

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