Thursday, February 24, 2011

Turnaround Thursday? Well, Almost

The panic in the markets has subsided for now, even though conditions in the Middle East continue to spin out of control, especially in Libya.

Stocks zig-zagged across the flat line on Thursday, with oil pricing higher in early trade. Closing in on 2:00 pm ET, the equity markets were skidding badly again, but, as has become the norm, all of a sudden word spread that President Obama and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner - neither of whom have a lick of expertise in the oil business - put out the word that there was enough supply of oil in reserve to withstand any kind of disruption, and, just like that, stocks and oil prices quickly reversed course, with oil dropping and stocks rising.

As an aside, gold and silver were slammed to the earth. Just prior to 2:00 pm, the Dow Jones Industrials were off more than 120 points, the NASDAQ dipped 17 points and the S&P 500 has crashed through the 1300 plateau, dropping more than 13 points.

Trading for the remainder of the session involved insiders scooping up shares on the "supposed" cheap. Still, three of the four major averages finished in the red despite the best efforts of the PPT or whatever we're calling the mechanics under the hood of the stock markets.

Dow 12,068.50, -37.28 (0.31%)
NASDAQ 2,737.90, +14.91 (0.55%)
S&P 500 1,306.10, -1.30 (0.10%)
NYSE Composite 8,276.29, -16.63 (0.20%)

Advancers broke a two-day trend and finished ahead of declining issues, 3630-2902. On the NASDAQ, new highs outdid new lows, though narrowly, 49-41. So too on the NYSE, where there were 83 new highs and just 18 new lows. Volume was nce again heightened, though below levels of the past two sessions.

We're clearly at an inflection point in the markets and considering that tensions in the oil-rich area of the world are still at high pitch, a resumption of a little panic may occur at any time, depending on circumstances and how hard the Fed and other officials pump the "all clear" signals. The Arab nations aren't the only ones experiencing a bit of displeasure. Here in the USA, protests continue to mount over budget and public union issues in various states. This chapter in world history is far from over.

NASDAQ Volume 2,112,375,750.00
NYSE Volume 5,799,687,500

The front end futures contract at the NYMEX - which was playing above 100/barrel prior to market opening, actually posted a decline on the day, dropping 82 cents, to $97.28. Gold posted a modest gain in NY trading, but at this writing is trading down $9.60, at $1402.10. Silver was hammered down all day long, down in the NY session and currently sporting a loss of $1.43, at $32.11. The machinery of chicanery is once again vigorously at work in all markets, propping them up with unlimited resources.

While many average working Joes and Janes may take solace in today's turnabout, it comes as yet another shining example of how the financial elite control everything they please, even entire global markets, or so they believe. The realities of life here in the US and elsewhere in the world are not quite as rosy as the oligarchs and politicians would have one believe. Little by little, freedoms are being eroded, and soon, as we're seeing with the assault on public labor unions, they'll take more money from the middle class, calling it "shared pain."

Many with a better handle on things than most are opting out, refusing to play along and suffer what's almost certain to be an eventful future. They are preparing, saving, planning and divesting, growing their own food and buying up precious metals and machinery for the day the wheels come completely off the train of money printing and manipulation.

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