Friday, May 13, 2011

Massive Disconnect in Markets

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More of the same from the people who brought you "Financial Suicide 101" (2008) and "How to Jack Economies Worldwide" (2009-11), the genii of Wall Street and their willing government henchmen today took a look at unmistakenly miserable data from fresh unemployment claims filings (434,000) and turned a market that was selling off into another miracle rally.

On top of that April PPI came in at 0.8%, highly inflationary and retail sales disappointed, registering a gain of 0.5% when the estimate was for 0.6%, revised lower from 0.7%. Truthfully, most of the 1/2 per cent of retail gains were due to nothing more than higher prices. There is no growth in the US economy and hasn't been for a while.

The games and maneuvers of these criminal elite which operate on Wall Street are truly breath-taking and never ending. When the Dow was down 90 points and the NASDAQ off 27, shortly after the opening bell, these guileless bastards just began pumping fresh POMO money into the dead carcass that is the US stock market, as though the economy were performing just dandily and those new jobless claims were merely a tick to be brushed aside with a swat of the hand.

What we have here is a massive disconnect which has prevailed since well before the financial catastrophe of 2008 between Wall Street and the rest of the world. In reality, the world would have been a far better place had Osoma bin Laden done a better job and eradicated more of the sniveling, greedy, sociopathic slime that has infested our markets and destroyed not only the US economy, but that of Europe and a handful of other nations.

The egregious crimes committed before during and after the sub-prime meltdown that exploded into a full blown $700 billion heist known as TARP still have not been addressed, no one has answered for this disaster, and to this day, banks such as Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Wells-Fargo have continued to conceal their losses behind corrupt, dubious accounting rules, off-balance sheet transactions and trillions of Fed-pumped dollars to boost their bottom lines and hike up momentum stocks to unbelievable, unsustainable valuations.

The biggest banks still cannot lend, cannot process foreclosures without falsifying documents and are routinely charging credit-worthy customers usury rates on credit cards. Even still, they whine and complain after having been bailed out by the government (read: taxpayers) about every little detail that might make their miserable existence even the tiniest bit more fair toward consumers.

Make no doubt about it. These cretins who sit in the executive suites atop the largest financial institutions in the world are still in the process of raping and pillaging one "investor", one "consumer" at a time. If they had it their way, they'd just have their flunkies in congress pass new laws that mandate that all Americans submit all of their money to them, while in many ways, they already have, through control of investment trusts, pension and retirement funds, municipal bonds and a variety of other means - like JP Morgan Chase's easy money scam for administering the SNAP (food stamp) program nationwide.

Today's market action and many other days before it - and surely more to come - is just another example of how ludicrous is their game of "chicken" with markets that are essentially dead and have been for nearly three years. If there was a way to remove the parasitical banks, insurance companies, and other so-called "facilitators" from the scene, our markets would once again return to health and there is a small chance that we might even survive the long-term, generational damage they have bestowed on us and citizens across the globe.

Continual goosing of the stock markets with funny money from the Fed will no doubt leave a legacy of destruction in its aftermath. Because the American economy is so tightly wound around the major financial institutions, extrication from the iron fist of Wall Street and Washington is going to be a painful and unsteady process, but it begins with Americans who have stopped believing and are getting out of stocks, 401k plans, college funds, retirement funds, and all manner of paper investments. Sadly, there is fresh money from new sheep to be sheared, so the game continues and we sink, as a society and as a nation, further and further down the past to insolvency, destitution and eventual destruction of all the principles, laws and common decency that made us a great nation.

America is either already dead or dying a slow, agonizing death. Indictments and criminal prosecutions should have happened two or three years ago, but they can still happen, if people demand that they do.

Write to your congressman or woman. Take your money out of the big, national banks. Liquidate your IRAs, 401ks and other investment vehicles. Leave them for dead, because, in reality, they already are.

Dow 12,695.92, +65.89 (0.52%)
NASDAQ 2,863.04, +17.98 (0.63%)
S&P 500 1,348.65, +6.57 (0.49%)
NYSE Composite 8,456.18, +28.09 (0.33%)

Advancing issues swamped decliners, 4199-2408. NASDAQ new highs: 113; new lows: 55. NYSE new highs: 172; new lows: 36. Make note that new lows have been rising or steady in recent weeks. There are fewer than 30 trading days remaining before the planned end of QE2 and the rats are jumping off the stock market ship. Volume was higher today as it takes more stock trades to save a market from imminent collapse.

NASDAQ Volume 2,233,589,000
NYSE Volume 4,241,912,500

Commodities were whipsawed once again. Crude oil futures finished up 78 cents, at $98.97, but not before some uncertainty in the morning which had futures down 10 cents.

Gold finished up $6.00, at $1506.90 and silver lost 45 cents, to $34.62, but was down briefly below $33 per ounce.

Thankfully, tomorrow ends another week, and the University of Michigan presents its monthly consumer sentiment survey, plus April CPI. It is Friday the 13th, however, so expect more than the usual wild swings, lies and obfuscation.

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