Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chemical Investment M&A a Highly Specialized Field

In the high stakes world with mergers and acquisitions, investment banking is a highly specialized field in which industry knowledge and experience are the key elements in making deals work to the benefit of the acquirer and the company being acquired.

This specialty is usually relegated to a handful of well-capitalized and expert companies, most of which do deals in the multi-millions to billions of dollars range. One cannot walk into just any bank to do these kinds of deals. While many financial institutions may claim that they are "full service," in reality they are not equipped to handle complex mergers and large-scale deals.

M&A gets more complicated depending upon the industry. Expertise and years of hands-on experience is needed to understand the particular nuances and specific needs of various industry groups. Just as one would never go to an orthopedic surgeon to deliver a baby, companies undergoing a merger in the aerospace, computer or any other industry grouping would not go to a commercial bank.

That is why companies such as the Valence Group specialize in chemical investment banking. They offer a wide range of services including buy and sell-side advisories, expertise in dealing across international borders, defense of bids and unsolicited offers and the ability to properly value any deal in the chemical mergers and acquisitions space.

An independent company with offices in London, New York and Shanghai, the Valence Group offers investment banking origination and execution with a team of experts from the chemical industry alongside senior investment bankers.

Anyone considering a large-scale merger or acquisition in the chemical industry would do themselves a good turn by taking the time to meet with one of the Valence Group company advisors as they have successfully completed similar deals with a multitude of companies such as Wyeth, Johnson & Johnson, Celanese, and Hoechst.

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