Monday, October 3, 2011

Sisterly Love

Written by Sherri Hicks

Last summer my sister and I moved to New York from the sweltering Miami. Her job in the fashion industry brought her to the city that never sleeps and I thought I’d just quit my barista job and tag along. We had it all planned out, live in a shoebox, sleep in the same bed, keep the ceiling fans running and windows open to save on our power bill, and cook every night so we can spend money on fancy dinners on the weekends. It seemed like the perfect move towards sisterly bonding. However, three weeks into sweating in our sleep, we decided the fans weren’t cutting it. I broke down on a Monday afternoon in July and looked upHttp:// to get the AC crankin’. Ceiling fans in 90 degree weather wasn’t our only fail. Turns out, Sarah kicks in her sleep. I didn’t get a restful night for six months and we finally decided it was time to give in. We splurged for a two-bedroom uptown and have never looked back. Of course, we don’t exactly eat fancy dinners on the weekends. Unless roast beef instead of PB&J counts.

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