Friday, November 11, 2011

Bond Market Closed, Stocks Go "ALL IN"; Jack Abramoff Says Congress Engages in Insider Trading

Guess what?

While some of you may have had the day off for observation of Veterans Day, the stock market was open, the Euro spiked higher and traders had a field day.

The correlation trade recently mentioned here between the Euro/Dollar and US equities went into high gear, with the Dow posting its 11th day this year with a gain of more than 200 points and the other major indices registering similar percentage gains. Not to be left behind, the commodity complex also saw dramatic gains, with oil, gold, silver and platinum leading the way.

For the week, all major indices closed with small gains due to Wednesday's wicked meltdown, which only served to fuel speculator appetite for risk assets in the final two trading days of the week.

There was no catalyst other than the Euro, which was boosted higher on hopes that the Italian parliament would continue to press for austerity measures. Italy's troubles seem to have subsided almost overnight, it's 10-year note falling well below the key seven percent level.

The disturbing story of the day came from CNBC, of all places, as disgraced and discredited lobbyist Jack Abramoff, on the heels of his explosive 60 Minutes interview last Sunday (see video below) spoke to reporter Eamon Javers about insider trading in congress.

Though Abramoff, who spent three years in prison for his crimes, refused to name names, he said he knew of at least twelve member of congress who traded stocks on inside information.

Naturally, these congress-critters and their staffers, belonging to the privileged one percent, will never be investigated, charged or tried. It's accepted practice in Washington to take advantage of information before it becomes general knowledge and therein lies the double-edged sword for anybody with a 401k, retirement account or an active brokerage account. While today's gains, and all gains, look great on one's balance sheet, the insiders of Wall Street and Washington are making ordinary people's profits look like chicken feed.

It's a sign of our times. Profits booked legally by 99% of the public are offset by the one percent's relentless, secretive, underhanded dealings.

That's all. Enjoy the weekend.

Dow 12,153.68, +259.89 (2.19%)
NASDAQ 2,678.75, +53.60 (2.04%)
S&P 500 1,263.85, +24.16 (1.95%)
NYSE Composite 7,576.18, +152.50 (2.05%)
NASDAQ Volume 1,575,004,500
NYSE Volume 3,326,831,000
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 4629-984
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 81-59
WTI crude oil: 98.99, +1.21
Gold: 1,788.10, +28.50
Silver: 34.68, +0.58

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