Monday, November 28, 2011


Contribution by Saul Martin

This morning I checked my e-mail using my CLEAR Denver Federal Center connection. I have been getting e-mails all week about Cyber Monday deals and Black FridayDeals. Some of the deals seem too good to be true, but not that good that I am going to get out in the thirty degree weather and sit outside of Best Buy, only to try and push other people down to get the one hundred and ninety-nine dollar forty-two inch flat screen television. I have gotten e-mails about deals that are good enough on Cyber Monday that I will wake up at five o’clock in the morning, sit on the couch, drink my coffee, and do my Christmas shopping. has a great deal, that if you spend fifty dollars that you get a choice a free gift. The best gift that they have to offer is a pair of pearl earrings! They are a gift in itself! Also, I am going to go to Toys-R-Us’ website. I was planning on buying my niece an Apple iTouch for Christmas. With the iTouch, they give you a fifty dollar gift card. I just can’t forget to set my alarm!

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