Thursday, November 10, 2011

Financing Your Personal Injury Claim

We've all seen the ads for personal injury lawyers on TV, promising to fight for your rights and help you obtain a settlement from an insurance company.

It's big business and personal injury settlements or awards by courts can run into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and, in severe or exceptional cases, even more. The lawyers at most high-quality personal injury firms are battle-tested and necessary for claimants fighting insurance companies, all of which have their own legal teams of highly qualified attorneys.

While getting a lawyer to handle your case is usually as easy as making a phone call - because most will work on a percentage fee basis with minimal up-front costs - waiting to get paid on your claim can be stressful, since many times, the personal injury sufferer will be out of work while the slow court process proceeds.

Because of the long time between an accident and an award, there are companies which provide lawsuit cash advances to bridge the income gap and offer personal injury claimants money to make ends meet while their lawsuit commences.

Terms are fairly straightforward and the money can be repaid upon receipt of the personal injury award. Leave it to the legal profession to come up with a solution to what can be a serious situation.

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