Thursday, December 29, 2011


Written by Fermin Washington

Since we looked into wireless internet providers Minneapolis and chose a provider with a fast connection, we have been able to access HBO Go. HBO GO is a service that they provide if you subscribe to HBO through your cable service. It is basically like an HBO on Demand. You can watch any episode from any HBO show ever made. It doesn’t matter if the show is current or not. I have recently gotten into watching “The Sopranos”. It is about a modern day crime boss in New Jersey that has a family. It takes the scariness out of the mob and places them in suburbia. It was a hit show on HBO for a long time, but I never got a chance to watch it. Now that I can stream it on television, I am hooked. It is awesome. Last weekend my husband and I ended up watching the whole second season. We had watched the first season over the three previous weekends. We ended up not having a lot to do. It was a great relaxing weekend.

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