Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Innovate Your Way to Success

In today's uncertain business climate, risk taking is reserved for the truly entrepreneurial at heart. Those with an idea, a concept for change and an appetite for the unusual might find their niche in unusual places while those more intent on riding out the storm of economic crisis before committing to a fresh start may be left behind.

Business isn't just dollars and cents, it's dynamic, changeable and it often pays more to have a unique concept rather than be in a product or service area that "usually" makes money.

Innovative ideas are ones which change or challenge the status quo, and like Apple's iPod, iPhone and iPad, are often met with enthusiastic acceptance from the marketplace.

One example of how innovation was the key to success is how Blue Sky Scrubs (http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/) continues to change the look and custom of hospital garb around the world.

Founded by Shelby Marquardt, an anesthesiology resident at Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas, she was inspired to create an operating room hat that fit her long hair, rather than settle for unattractive, ill-fitting scrub hats that were the norm.

Ms. Marquardt created the Pony Scrub Hat, and soon after, the Pixie Scrub Hat, patented both designs and her fledgling business was born. After having success with her hats, she decided to try her hand at other hospital wear, and soon, Blue Sky Scrubs was producing scrub tops, bottoms and lab coats that turned drab into unique and dull into a fashion statement with more color and variety.

Today, Blue Sky Scrubs sells a vast array of hospital and medical personnel wear to customers around the world, with orders streaming into the website.

Innovation isn't magic and it's not genetic. Anyone can innovate in any field of endeavor. Turning innovation into a successful business enterprise takes determination, desire and a bit of daring. In the case of Blue Sky Scrubs, Shelby Marquardt took on long-established hospital traditions and turned her designs into a compelling brand.

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