Friday, April 6, 2012

Holding Hard Assets a Growing Trend

With the economy still in crisis mode and the future value of the US dollar (and other fiat currencies) very much in doubt, more and more people have pulled money out of stocks and mutual funds and into hard assets, such as vintage automobiles, fine art, collectibles, and, of course, precious metals, such as silver, gold and platinum.

While most of these assets aren't easily traded for quick money, the current perception is that they'll appreciate faster than inflation and aren't subject to the wild swings and other vagueries of the equity and bond markets.

Hard assets are more of a safe investment and a store of value and are especially coveted by people who have already amassed a comfortable level of wealth and wish to keep what they have.

Even if one is not in perfect financial condition, certain hard assets can help one sleep better at night, safe in the knowledge that their assets are in their own possession and not held in some virtual online account which may or may not be secure from hackers, margin calls and market miscues.

What everyone holding hard assets needs more than ever these days is security. That's why gun sales have never been better and safe manufacturers have put on extra shifts in order to meet the overwhelming demand, but nothing beats a solid Home Security system for peace of mind, whether you're at home or away.

While a gun may be the ultimate defense, against intruders and safes are perfect for keeping prying eyes (and hands) away from your precious assets, there isn't a thief alive who will dare break into a home that has a good security system in place, usually with a sign that says the house is well-monitored.

Good systems come in all price ranges, from simple DIY installation of motion detectors with lights and sirens to advanced wired or wireless security apparatus that can signal a local or national security center or even the police when tripped.

Holding hard assets will likely continue to be a favored investment for all classes of people, and the companies who make things that keep them secure are almost certain to profit handsomely.

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