Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stocks Exhibiting Serious Weakness as Correction Completes Day Six

For the fourth straight day, US markets exhibited the same trading pattern on the major indices: A plunge at the open and the rest of the day spent trundling back higher. This is the effect of an overabundance of trading algos all programmed to begin buying at certain levels. Fully 85% or more of all trades are handled by machines, drwing into question the overall wisdom of a market built on lies, false assumptions, sketchy models and the overwhelming directive that stocks MUST go higher, all the time, no matter the news or events in the real world.

In any case, it's made it easier for real, human investors to get the heck out of dodge, and it's likely that a good portion of the really smart money has already exited. This is apparent from the price of bonds, which have been in rally mode all week, pushing yields near historic lows.

The cause for all of the latest market turmoil is no big surprise; it is Europe, specifically Greece, but peripherally Spain and France, which seem the two most likely targets for increased political volatility, and thus, stock declines.

The Greeks have the world by the proverbial short hairs at the moment. At any given time, the EU, ECB, IMF or any of the nearly nations could tell the the government of Greece that it's game over, or that they'll loan them money anyway, which is exactly what happened today.

It was reported that the Greek government, even if it received the latest round of bailout money, could not meet it's obligations, so, one has to wonder, why bother? That's the line of the hard left parties in Greece at the moment. They don't want any more IMF or ECB bailout funds, preferring to go it alone, presumably to leave the Euro as a currency behind and take back up the drachma as its national money.

Of course, all of this uncertainty has a negative effect on stocks, though US markets have suffered much less than their European counterparts, some of which have already fallen into bear market territories, along with China, which has been in the grip of the bear for the past two years, but that's another story, and something that is also worrying the gloablists and their plans to control world commerce.

There is a problem with the US markets and their repeating pattern of falls and rises. The intra-day plunges keep getting deeper and deeper, setting new support levels which will, over time, be proven to have about all the holding power of a paper towel in a hurricane. Eventually, the computers will either be turned off or reprogrammed and the flush of stocks down the drain will be swift and complete. Even as it stands, stocks are off sharply over the past six sessions, with the Dow down all six, and the S&P and NASDAQ down five of six, the only positive returns for the duo being extremely marginal gains on Monday - a point on the NASDAQ, less than that (0.48) on the S&P.

Tomorrow, the drama continues, with the US throwing in with initial unemployment claims, a number that may be secondary to the uneasiness in Europe, but should provide a secondary betting point for the open. Stay tuned. It's just beginning to get interesting, as the same pattern as 2011 is playing out again, almost to to day, when stocks peaked at the end of April.

Volume was elevated once again and new lows beat new highs for the fourth consecutive session.

Dow 12,835.06, -97.03 (0.75%)
NASDAQ 2,934.71, -11.56 (0.39%)
S&P 500 1,354.58, -9.14 (0.67%)
NYSE Composite 7,827.75, -59.51 (0.75%)
NASDAQ Volume 1,959,315,250
NYSE Volume 3,949,908,500
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 1865-3709
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 106-161
WTI crude oil: 96.81, -0.20
Gold: 1,594.20, -10.30
Silver: 29.24, -0.22

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