Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dead, Rigged Market Can Only Respond As Ordered; Is Worthless, Valueless, Void

The Fed's FOMC announcement today was another snoozer, as expected, more or less, but, now that the nation's central bank has decided not to announce another round of QE, one has to wonder whether last week's euphoria was nothing more than orchestration for a quick profit drive. Probably was.

Otherwise, the market is absolutely a dead zone, with some action in specific stocks, though the overall trend is pretty morose. Anybody who has even a cursory knowledge of economics or finance realizes that the markets are highly rigged in favor of a nefarious group of insiders, whose main goal is to profit at the expense of others, even their own clients.

Further, everyone is aware of the headwinds facing the global economies and associated markets. Those are not and will not go away.

The few data points released today were not particularly encouraging, though the veracity of the releases and the methodologies employed in reaching conclusive evidence are also quite questionable.

ADP's monthly survey of private sector employment recorded a gain of 163,000 jobs in July, after posting a gain of 179,000 in June. The numbers provided by ADP are somewhat of a mystery, as they always differ widely from the "official" government non-farm payroll figures, due out Friday, and upon which everyone with skin in this market is awaiting.

The July ISM Index posted its second straight reading showing contraction, at 49.8 for the month, after June's 49.7. Contraction in manufacturing is for two consecutive months, even though it is slight, is not an encouraging sign for the future, as these kinds of negative readings often lead to nasty occurrences like recessions, layoffs and general malaise, sluggishness, business failures and assorted blight.

What may be even more surprising is that the market hasn't fallen more, now that the Fed is officially not going to do anything (which doesn't matter anyhow, because what they've done thus far hasn't really worked for anyone other than Wall Street types).

Tomorrow's ECB meeting - getting to be a nearly regular monthly voyage into the land of make believe - is almost certain to satisfy nobody, like some people we know, though, like those people, the leaders of the various nations might be sufficiently entertained by their fantasies to believe they're actually doing the world some good, when in fact they are only making life more miserable for more people and jeopardizing their own futures at the same time.

One gets the idea that these types just don't care about anything other than their own sorry existences, which, being the "leaders" that they are, complicates matters for the unchosen followers, the bulk of mankind.

Best possibly to ignore them completely, as their machinations now have little to do with reality. As the global Ponzi scheme draws inevitably closer to its fitting, fateful end, self-sufficiency and resourcefulness of individuals will become more and more a prized asset. The best time to start along of path of separation from the status quo and into a more sustainable existence of one's own would probably have been yesterday, though the globalists appear determined to stretch out their dying days as long as possible, giving a leg up to late starters.

For the rest, especially those defined by the elite as "worthless eaters," life continues to gradually erode into dependency upon the state, many of which are on life support and beyond the point where they can actually meet all of their obligations, an unenviable condition sure to result in great pain and suffering for many.

When even a rigged market is dead and lifeless, what hope for a future of sound economy can anyone honestly hold?

Dow 12,976.13, -32.55 (0.25%)
NASDAQ 2,920.21, -19.31 (0.66%)
S&P 500 1,375.32, -4.00 (0.29%)
NYSE Composite 7,848.60, -15.34 (0.20%)
NASDAQ Volume 1,691,360,500.00
NYSE Volume 4,014,368,000
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 1791-3727
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 257-114
WTI crude oil: 88.91, +0.85
Gold: 1,603.70, -6.80
Silver: 27.54, -0.38

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