Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nothing Moves in Advance of Draghi's ECB Announcement

Remember those days of late August, when the markets traded in narrow ranges and closed within a tiny fraction of a percentage point on super-low volume?

Today was another one of those days. Stock pickers are waiting for the ECB meeting on Thursday, when president Mario Draghi is supposed to release details of his plan to fund all of the peripheral nations that are broke, bankrupt or about to be.

Last week, everyone waited for the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, to give a speech at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and signal that the Fed was soon to unleash more free capital into the corrupt, dysfunctional, insolvent banking system.

Now we wait for Draghi. It's a complete disaster unfolding right before our eyes and barely worth commenting upon because Bernanke didn't say anything the markets didn't already know, and, in all likelihood, neither will Draghi. Either that, or he'll do what the Europeans are so good at, making funny noises, promising something for a later date, your basic can-kicking exercise.

The clock is ticking...

Dow 13,047.48, +11.54 (0.09%)
NASDAQ 3,069.27. -5.79 (0.19%)
S&P 500 1,403.44, -1.50 (0.11%)
NYSE Composite 7,992.01, -10.31 (0.13%)
NASDAQ Volume 1,432,807,125
NYSE Volume 2,782,468,000
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 2308-2724
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 274-59
WTI crude oil: 95.36, +0.06
Gold: 1,694.00, -2.00
Silver: 32.33 -0.08

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