Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Romney Rally Fades Into Close; Gold Silver Up Sharply

Wall Street is still largely clinging to the belief that their one-percent incarnation, Mitt Romney, can somehow pull rabbits out of hats or extra votes out of swing states and capture the 2012 presidential election.

Cynicism, in opposition to this view runs high, as Wall Street has proven, time and again, that it doesn't care, nor does it matter, who holds the reigns of power; they will buy them off at any cost, usually one much lower than they're willing to pay.

Based upon the wide-eyed optimism over a Romney presidency = which would fit neatly with a Republican-led House of Representatives - stocks bolted higher at the open, boosted again just prior to the noon hour and faded slightly into the close. The Dow was up 178 points at the day's heights, closing weakly on moderate volume.

All of the major indices showed strong gains, led by the Industrials, which added just more than one percent. Iy was the third point movement of between 130 and 140 points in the last six sessions.

Recently beaten-down commodities also posted impressive gains. Gold raced back above the $1700 mark, oil and silver also made significant headway.

The big prize comes tonight, with polls in Eastern states closing beginning at 7:00 pm. The first big tests will be Virginia and Ohio, with plenty of twists and turns to the political narrative in store as the night wears on.

Dow 13,245.68, +133.24 (1.02%)
NASDAQ 3,011.93, +12.27 (0.41%)
S&P 500 1,428.39, +11.13 (0.79%)
NYSE Composite 8,311.67, +71.42 (0.87%)
NASDAQ Volume 1,744,160,250
NYSE Volume 3,261,801,000
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 3724-1748
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 198-61
WTI crude oil: 88.71, +3.06
Gold: 1,715.00, +31.80
Silver: 32.03, +0.906

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