Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Get Used to 100-Point Gains on the Dow for No Reason

Let's just make sure everybody's on the same page, OK?

The Fed will continue to continue buying treasuries and MBS to the tune of $85 billion a month, with no end in sight. Thoughts of tapering those purchases has been pushed back until March, 2014, at the earliest, that is, if they taper at all. CHECK

The federal government has suspended the debt ceiling, so the federal government can spend whatever it wants without any kind of cost-containment mechanism whatsoever. CHECK

Most government statistics are fabrications, designed to keep the facade of "recovery" (isn't it time we got past recovery, toward a normal economy?) intact. CHECK

Ergo, stocks will continue to rise despite economic conditions or fundamentals like real earnings (those not caused by stock buybacks or forced layoffs or restructuring) and revenue expansion. CHECK

Good. Now go buy some stocks. Nothing will change unless the people at the top (the legendary one percenters) want it to change.

This is the environment we are subjected to by massive frauds and a derelict society led by psychopaths, but, it really can't get any more accommodative for risky speculation. Might as well go right ahead and buy call options. Everybody is going to be rich.

That's it. Meanwhile...

How bad is the experience on the healthcare.gov website?

The National Review estimates that five million lines of code need to be rewritten.

In human terms, if a line of code is rewritten (fixed) every minute, it will only take about ten years to fix the entire site, rendering those who sign up for health care soon a moot point since most of them will be sick or dead by then.

Dow 15,467.66, +75.46 (0.49%)
Nasdaq 3,929.57, +9.52 (0.24%)
S&P 500 1,754.67, +10.01 (0.57%)
10-Yr Bond 2.51%, -0.10
NYSE Volume 3,766,323,750
Nasdaq Volume 1,780,039,250
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 3653-1983
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 717-31 (yes, this is normal)
WTI crude oil: 97.80, -1.42
Gold: 1,342.60, +26.80
Silver: 22.79, +0.512
Corn: 438.25, -5.75

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