Sunday, October 13, 2013

Government Shutdown Day 13: Senate Talks Break Down; Negotiations Back to Square One

Hard to believe that there could be more buffoonish characters in the world than those currently heading the US federal government, those self-important, distinguished leaders who can't agree on a budget and prefer to keep sinkng the nation further and further into debt servitude rather than address the pressing problems facing the nation.

On Sunday, both sides seemed relaxed about taking a day off, the negotiations between Senate leaders McConnell and Reid having completely broken down with absolutely nothing resolved.

While the partial government shutdown (86% of the government is still on the job, but NOT getting paid) proceeds into a two-week ordeal on Monday (Columbus Day, an official holiday, BTW), Republicans and Democrats are possibly further apart than they were at the beginning of the latest fiasco.

More to come when financial markets open on Monday, which, on Wall Street, at least, is not a holiday.

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