Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Government Shutdown Day 8: Overcoming Fears and Tears

Are average Americans ready for the fight of their lives, one which could, quite literally be for their lives?

Surely, many are unprepared. Most have little or no savings, don't have basic survival skills, wouldn't know a dandelion (good food) from a jimson (poisonous) and many rely heavily on the federal government as their lifeline.


Read that again, you disability recipients, welfare check hoarders, farm subsidy leeches, overpaid government employees, social security dependents, corporate tax cheaters, food stamps suckers, members of the House of Representatives, Senators and Mr. President.

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. I come not to bury Obama, but to praise him.

Clear out the biases already developed over his illegitimacy, stupidity, narcissism, etc., for a moment and hear me out. Mr. President is doing the best thing that we, holders of gold and silver with stores of guns, ammo and food, could have ever hoped for by refusing to negotiate over either the shutdown or the debt ceiling, holding the strawman Obamacare over everyone's heads.

Isn't a severe downsizing of the US government and destruction of the Federal Reserve what we have longed for these past five, six years? Obama is bringing it to us, albeit in a haphazard manner, although one might suspect that such earth-shaking events don't happen neatly, anyway.

By refusing to negotiate on anything, in addition to having unblinking adversaries in the House of Representatives (our beloved Tea Partiers), the president, with an assist from congress, has already partially shut down the government and has paved the way for a no-win condition over the debt ceiling. The genii in the White House (aka Jack Lew and his buddies) and at the Fed have no doubt already figured out the next moves. When the debt ceiling debate fails to produce a responsible result, the government will begin to prioritize spending, paying off creditors first (interest on the debt), and probably Social Security and military pay (not necessarily in that order) next, and so on down the line.

The US federal government can, and will, proceed in this manner for quite some time, slimming down, shutting agencies, cutting budgets by blunt force and actually becoming somewhat fiscally responsible. During this period, there will be considerable chaos, available to be exploited by none other than those of us smart enough to do so. Price discovery, for everything from real estate to peaches, will be a matter of making the best deal available, and many of us are adept at deal-making. Government employees may be furloughed, laid off or permanently disenfranchised, their pensions slashed, and other government programs (can you spell FARM SUBSIDIES?) will have to be eliminated in order to cut wasteful spending and/or increase revenue.

At the same time, the government will become more and more dysfunctional, having lost its most basic trapping of power, the consent of the governed, in many places, particularly large urban centers and deep rural communities. If martial law becomes the norm, how long and how well will that be enforced in a country chock-full of gun-toting, liberty-loving individualistic patriots and their new-to-the-party brethren?

There will be chaos. But eventually, there will be peace and a new understanding that the federal government is powerless over the needs of individual states, and even counties and other municipalities. A new form of feudalism or tribalism may be the result, but the bottom line is that the federal government will be a shadow of its former self, individuals and communities will forge new leaderships, apart and away from government, which will (and in many cases, already is) be viewed as not the solution, but the problem.

People will become more self-reliant, industrious and unburdened by regulations and authority. A new America will emerge, one that is less-centralized, more progressive (I know that's a dirty word to some), less encumbered by regulation and overall, more free, and freedom is what America is all about.

Let's get behind our president. NO NEGOTIATIONS. Keep chanting. Keep the government closed. Begin the process of downsizing and prioritizing spending. Stop borrowing. How will the Fed issue new debt-money if the Treasury can't borrow? There will be progress against the Federal Reserve, but not victory, until we rise up and smite them, refuse their fiat and return to a gold standard or gold/silver standard.

Real money. And all because the politicians played a game of chicken which neither can win.

We all have reasons to doubt or criticize the president, but, maybe, just maybe, he's willing to risk his reputation and his life in order to be the transformational figure he promised. I know it's a stretch, but maybe he's a wickedly wise politician and playing the banksters for all they're worth, willing to shut down the government and destroy the economy in order to save it all. What comes out the other side is largely up to him, but also well within our grasp.

THIS is OUR MOMENT. Carpe Diem!

Both Obama and House Speaker Boehner took to the podium today and made courtesy remarks, but still haven't met. Short-attention span theater continues. The markets began to worry in earnest, the major indices closing at the lows of the session. The A-D line continued to deteriorate, with losers outpacing gainers by a 9-2 margin and new lows exceeded new highs for the first time since mid-August.

The market is beginning to roll over. The phony leaders are running out of time. The world won't end, but the obtrusive, invasive, bloated, absurd federal government is creaking, cracking and about to fall over.

Good times, indeed.

Dow 14,776.53, -159.71 (1.07%)
Nasdaq 3,694.83, -75.54 (2.00%)
S&P 500 1,655.45, -20.67 (1.23%)
10-Yr Bond 2.64% 0.00
NYSE Volume 3,546,719,000
Nasdaq Volume 2,037,821,875
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 1085-4474
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 95-101
WTI crude oil: 103.49, +0.46
Gold: 1,324.60, 0.50
Silver: 22.44, +0.057
Corn: 441.75, -7.50

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