Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stocks Post More Gains Prior to Thanksgiving Holiday

The S&P and Dow set new all-time closing marks on Wednesday and the NASDAQ is approaching levels not seen since the dotcom boom (and bust), but, according to just about anyone who appears on CNBC or Bloomberg, there is no bubble in equities.

And, the Fed buying up $85 billion in bonds every month is normal. Gold stuck around $1250 is normal.

The p/e of Facebook (FB) is 77. Nope, no bubble there. Carry on.

Happy Thanksgiving.

The markets are open until 1:00 pm ET on Black Friday, which is usually a big ramp-up day on low volume, so sharpen up your day-trading skills and make some easy moolah while everyone else is out shopping.

Better get bitcoin. If you don't know what bitcoin is, you'd be doing yourself a favor to find out.

DOW 16,097.33, +24.53 (+0.15%)
NASDAQ 4,044.75, +27.00 (+0.67%)
S&P 1,807.23, +4.48 (+0.25%)
10-Yr Note 99.90, -0.20 (-0.20%)
NASDAQ Volume 1.33 Bil
NYSE Volume 2.36 Bil
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 3691-1937
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 469-55
WTI crude oil: 92.30, -1.38
Gold: 1,237.80, -3.60
Silver: 19.63, -0.215
Corn: 426.50, 1.75

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