Monday, December 9, 2013

No Follow-Through After Big Jobs Report Gains

We've seen this show before, and, it bears witness to the steady downtrend last week that was punctuated by a huge move to the upside on Friday. The non-momentum Monday is the hangover effect of a stock move that was entirely day-trading driven, run on fumes and now run out of gas.

It shows no commitment among traders to actually invest; rather, it solidifies the argument that Wall Street stocks are nothing but casino chips, their valuations unrealistic and devoid of fundamental value, or, at least, fundamentals that would support such stocks at lower prices.

Thanks to Uncle Ben at the Fed we have a completely distorted market that is fueled by creap money and speculation. It was nice knowing Mr. Bernanke, who could step down as early as this week if the Senate confirms Janet Yellen, though she, as replacement, seems even more out-of-touch and reluctant to do anything other than continue printing.

Stocks will keep going up, until they don't, which could be any day now, considering the predictably ugly numbers retailers are set to report this week and throughout the holiday season.

Basically, if one spent today watching the tape, one would have likely fallen asleep.

DOW 16,025.53, +5.33 (+0.03%)
NASDAQ 4,068.75, +6.23 (+0.15%)
S&P 1,808.37 +3.28 (+0.18%)
10-Yr Note 99.20 +0.18 (+0.18%)
NASDAQ Volume 1.54 Bil
NYSE Volume 3.09 Bil
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 2599-3043
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 305-96
WTI crude oil: 97.34, -0.31
Gold: 1,234.20, +5.20
Silver: 19.70, +0.178
Corn: 438.00, +3.75

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