Monday, February 10, 2014

No Follow Through After Phony Friday Rally

Following Friday's dismal non-farm payroll data for January, the subsequent scream higher in equity markets (stocks) and the Money Daily contention that the market was rigged and traditional valuation metrics useless, Monday brought some confirmation of our position, in that markets barely budged.

The generally-accepted theory - for today - is that markets and investors are awaiting Janet Yellen's testimony before congress Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday, the newest -and first - Fed chairwoman will appear before the House Financial Services Committee. On Thursday, she addresses and takes questions from the Senate Banking Committee.

We'll take a different approach: BULL-PUCKEY! The reason markets didn't do much today is because they have nowhere to go after the massive ramping Thursday and Friday, on nothing but bad news, and the insiders are awaiting the influx of suckers to keep the rally going, so said insiders can SELL, SELL, SELL the stocks bought (at the behest of the NY Fed and the PPT) they bought last week that kept the market from entering a 10% correction.

Now, those suckers will surely appear at some point, soon after which the insiders will be selling, though not all at once, so as not to produce a self-reinforcing selling loop. No the selling will be niggling, nibbling, small amounts, though large enough to keep stock prices moderately higher or lower, for a while.

The key question at this juncture is not whether the market is manipulated - as it has been clearly demonstrated that all financial markets are manipulated - because, if the Fed isn't manipulating markets by its dual policy of ZIRP and QE, then what should we call it? No, the key question is how long it will take for the major indices to return to and exceed their recent all-time highs?

A month? Two? Six? It matters little, unless stocks tumble below their recent lows, because then, the fraud will be crystal clear and a correction will be in force, followed by a primary bear market.

The numbers to watch are these:
Dow: High: 16,576.66; Low: 15,372.80
S&P 500: High: 1,848.36' Low: 1,741.89
NASDAQ: High: 4,176.59; Low: 3,996.96

All of these figures are closing highs and lows and they all occurred on the same dates, the highs on December 31, 2013, the lows on February 3, 2014. Everything else in between is nothing but noise, but, it should be pointed out that the Dow, in particular, is a long way from those all-time highs, about 775 points away, and that matters.

So, what will the sociopaths of Wall Street and the crony capitalists in Washington DC dream up to achieve the facade of "recovery" this time? Or will they fight to the death over the debt ceiling all month long, only to resolve it in a late-night session, and then have the markets zoom forward? Any way they slice it, it's still one big stick of baloney, and not a choice cut, to boot.

A couple of other indications that support the theory that Thursday and, especially, Friday's rally was fake, are the slump in yield on the 10-year note, back down to 2.67% and stellar movement in gold and silver. If everything is supposed to be so fine and dandy, why then were investors rushing to safe haven assets on Monday?

There are more questions than answers, but, when dealing with fraud and fixing at such a high and clandestine level, there is much that is unknown and unseen, but, we've seen enough to know not to buy the sizzle nor the steak at this juncture.

DOW 15,801.79, +7.71 (+0.05%)
NASDAQ 4,148.17, +22.31 (+0.54%)
S&P 1,799.84, +2.82 (+0.16%)
10-Yr Note 100.65, +0.47 (+0.47%) Yield: 2.67%
NASDAQ Volume 1.68 Bil
NYSE Volume 3.30 Bil
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 3338-2348
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 129-29
WTI crude oil: 100.06, +0.18
Gold: 1,274.70, +11.80
Silver: 20.11, +0.176
Corn: 443.00, -1.25

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