Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stocks Give Back Some Gains

We took a personal day today, but did notice that the crooks gave back some of the money they stole yesterday, a la the old pump and dump routine.

Most of us had to work, but who could blame anyone for taking some time off to check out NCAA tournament early games.

Oil fell back to earth simply because there was no fundamental reason for oil to gain in price yesterday, as interest rates have about as much to do with the price of oil as saddle soap has to do with masochism (don't get any ideas).

Bottom line is that rich guys who play with other people's money (your pension fund) skimmed and scammed their way to a new car or maybe a year's tuition for their "special" princess.

Whatever. Week ends tomorrow, full report.

Dow 17,959.03, -117.16 (-0.65%)
S&P 500 2,089.27, -10.23 (-0.49%)
NASDAQ 4,992.38, +9.55 (0.19%)

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