Saturday, March 21, 2015

Weekend Thinking: After Friday's Stock Ramp-fest, Nothing About Which to Worry

Editor's Note: Apologies for the late post. An unrelenting schedule is causing disruption to the usual appointed tasks. This condition may persist for a few months and posts on Money Daily may not - for a while - be as timely and/or detailed.

Friday's trade was all about getting back to the preferred narrative following the "prudent" nature of the latest FOMC release and Fed news conference, that of everything being just peachy, rosy and wonderful in the land of fairy tale economics, where flying unicorns discharge fiat from rainbow skies.

Reality may beg to differ with the ongoing assessment of the national and global economies, but, for the time being, the clowns, gamblers, skimmers and scammers are in control. What will wrest away domination of the markets from the hands of the manipulators is at best uncertain, at worst unknown, but all are aware that adam Smith's "invisible hand" is lurking, ready to snatch back sanity and price discovery to a state of natural order.

What is understandable at present is that Fed policy will remain neatly tucked into its quasi-accommodative commode for at least another six months and very likely longer. It is, in fact, beyond seven years since the past rate increase, and, as has been proven by other central banks, negative yields remain an unexplored horizon. Like the discovery of a new world, the Fed may be eyeing the current 10-year note yield of two percent as merely the shoreline, with untold riches and possibilities lying within the lower bound.

A socialist fantasy dream, bond yields that would cost savers and benefit spenders could be a panacea that eventually turns economic theory completely upon its head and ushers in a new world order of wealth redistribution under some mystical, benevolent oligarchy.

The future may well be one which attempts to disregard the past. And that new world would be brave indeed.

Dow 18,127.65, +168.62 (0.94%)
S&P 500 2,108.10, +18.83 (0.90%)
NASDAQ 5,026.42, +34.04 (0.68%)

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