Monday, March 9, 2015

With the Release of the Apple Watch, Have We Reached a Peak in Stocks and Stupidity?

Well, now, really, we all know the answer to the question posed in the headline, don't we?

Stocks are reaching extreme valuations, and, since the old adage, buy low, sell high always and everywhere prevails, right now might seem like as good a time as any to get the heck out of Dodge and cash in some of those high-fliers, if, that is, you still play the iStocks game on your iMac or iPhone.

Gold Apple watch $10,000 retail
Even id stocks have not reached their peaks, it's simple math and history to know that they will, at some point, and the downtrend will likely be abrupt. Or, the major indices could just meander along in a narrow downward channel over an extended period, like we had in 2000-2001, until the World Trade Center was blown up and collapsed. That's what most around at the time consider a market bottoming event, so, one does not want to be heavily invested when some kind of calamity shuts down the exchanges for a few days, or a week, or longer.

Besides trading at somewhat lofty valuations, stocks have also been trading on extremely thin volume for quite some time (this being the sixth anniversary of the 2009 bottom, that would be six years), which is also, generally speaking, a negative signal, though the pumpers at the Fed and central banks around the world have done a bang-up, jolly good job of keeping prices elevated while entire national economies are collapsing.

Some say that the markets reached a climax with the IPO of Alibaba (BABA), a dubious claim and an even more dubious event, now that allegations and proof has emerged that BABA's books were cooked by phony sales and the entirety of their public offering turned out to be nothing but a cash-out for Jack Ma and some of the top executives. We will never learn.

But, maybe it's not too late. Apple (AAPL) just had their big, big product roll-out of the new Apple Watch, an unwelcome and unnecessary accessory to the entire universe of iJunk gadgets floating around, and, beyond the watch's 18-hour battery life (huh? it's a watch, and as far as anyone can tell, there are still 24 hours in a day), price ($349 and up, all the way to the gold-plated $10,000 unit), and general uselessness, the Apple Watch may be just the ticket to grab on your way out of the Wall Street casino.

The Apple Watch does everything your iPhone does, except smaller, and you have to wear it, as a sign that you are a useless moron with excessive amounts of cash on hand with which you know not what to do, much like the major corporations in America, buying back their own stock at nose-bleed prices.

On the day, Apple's stock traded up to 129.57 (buy the rumor) prior to the release event, then fell as low as 125.06 (sell the news) as CEO Tim Cook showed off his company's latest gadget. To be fair, people are not impressed. The stock closed at 127.08, up "officially" 0.48 on the day, but, assuredly, this was not Apple's finest moment (that was 1984 when they brought out the Macintosh (Mac) computer).

Steve Jobs, bless his soul, turned over in his grave, but it's been rumored he did have a good laugh with Al Einstein and Tom Edison when they saw the new Apple Watch.

Peak Apple? Possibly.

Peak stocks? Maybe.

Peak Stupidity? We're already well past that.

Dow Jones 17,995.72, +138.94 (0.78%)
S&P 500 2,079.43, +8.17 (0.39%)
Nasdaq 4,942.44, +15.07 (0.31%)

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