Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Pre-FED-Hike Notes for the Truly Deranged and/or Excited

As of 12:30 pm ET, amazingly, the Dow, NAZ and S&P are all right at (or pretty damn close) both their 40 and 200-day MAs.

In other words, the entire market will be essentially flat going into the FOMC announcement. No clues for anyone, except that move up in PMs this morning.

Putting on my best guessing hat - which stragely resembles a dunce cap - I'd say the 0.25% rate hike is all but a done deal. The Fed has gone too far and they know it.

This is really a now-or-never condition, and they must go with NOW, because NEVER doesn't really mean never. It means they will have to do this at some point. There will be significant pain ahead, but only for those who are highly leveraged, over-indebted or just plain stupid.

Everyone has had seven years to prepare for this moment. If you haven't gotten a whiff of what's coming, you are not to be pitied. You will be dismembered and disposed of by the gnarly beast of deflation.

That's my take.

Final note: Yesterday, over at ZeroHedge, I reiterated my call from about two years ago that silver would see $12. Another poster said $8.25 was the target, or bottom. I'm fine with that. Will be buying at $12 and buying even more if and when it ever gets to $8.

90 minutes to lift-off. Good luck to all.

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