Friday, February 12, 2016

Stocks Always Rebound After Sound Drubbings... Except When They Don't

Regular readers of Money Daily may notice that our editorial point of view - on days like today - sees no reason for stocks to go higher for just about any reason.

There's a method to the madness: it's because the economy stinks and most of the stocks that comprise the major averages are either overpriced or making use of devious accounting tactics to hide the truth.

Today was textbook manipulation to the upside, and, as it turns out, insufficient to cover the losses from earlier in the week. That's the problem with glowing headlines about stocks going up: the writers of such headlines and articles fail to point out that these stocks are coming off being beaten down.

For instance, today's gain on Bank of America (BAC) was 7%, but, it closed at 11.95. It was 18 six months ago, and 14 just a few weeks ago. Some for WTI crude oil, which was up a whopping 11.33% today. Outstanding. However, the closing price was $29.18, more than a 70% decline from 18 months ago.

Anybody even remotely suggesting that the economy and/or equity markets are sound should be shackled, drug off to the nearest body of water and thrown in. Stupidity (from central banks and paid economists) is what got the markets and the economy into the current mess.

Enough is enough, today's results notwithstanding.

For the week:
S&P 500: -15.27 (-0.81%)
Dow: -231.13 (-1.43%)
NASDAQ: -25.63 (-0.59%)

Today's fancy, farcical feast:
S&P 500: 1,864.78, +35.70 (1.95%)
Dow: 15,973.84, +313.66 (2.00%)
NASDAQ: 4,337.51, +70.67 (1.66%)

Crude Oil 29.18 +11.33% Gold 1,239.30 -0.68% EUR/USD 1.1250 -0.57% 10-Yr Bond 1.7480 +6.33% Corn 358.75 -0.42% Copper 2.03 +1.37% Silver 15.76 -0.25% Natural Gas 1.97 -1.45% Russell 2000 971.99 +1.92% VIX 25.40 -9.74% BATS 1000 20,089.57 +1.80% GBP/USD 1.4499 +0.10% USD/JPY 113.2750 +0.60%

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