Thursday, March 10, 2016

Key Reversal As Dow Candlestick Engulfs Previous Four Sessions; ECB's Draghi To Blame

Money Daily been covering about this rally for the past two weeks but really didn't see the handwriting on the wall throughout. While saying the market would continue to rally at least until the ECB rate announcement by Mario Draghi (today), and possibly Yellen and the FOMC (on the 16th), there was no way to know when exactly it would stop or why.

But, now we all know. It was "buy the rumor, sell the news," all along. Everybody figured Draghi would go all in on QE and lowering the reserve rate (rumor) and he did (news), so, therein lies the reasons for first the pump in stocks and then the midday dump as Draghi then backtracked at his press conference, saying not to expect more over-the-top policy moves anytime soon.

Why? Draghi was giving Yellen and the Fed cover to keep rates where they are, for at least another month or meeting.

The main aspects of Draghi's "bazooka" approach are:
-- The key interest rate is dropped from 0.05% to ZERO.
-- Cut its deposit rate by 10 basis points, further into negative territory to -0.4%
-- The marginal lending rate, paid by banks to borrow from the ECB overnight, was cut from 0.3% to to 0.25%
-- Expanded the QE programme to €80bn (£61bn) a month, up from €60n
-- Expanded the LTRTO, offering more easy loans to Eurozone banks

Then we saw the usual late-day comeback, leaving US equity markets virtually unchanged, on a day that was arguably noteworthy and newsworthy. The markets, the speculators, had all of this priced in, and the gyrations were only to square their winners and losers.

This is the game. It's nothing more than a game, has no root in reality, fundamentals, supply/demand or any other tired metric of what we used to fondly call "analysis."

Markets are nothing more than tools for public entertainment and consumption. The central bankers, so long as they have the power to conjure endless amounts of fiat out of thin air, have complete control over all markets.

Finally, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, though it appears to be just a flickering candle about to be snuffed out.

As far as technical analysis is concerned - again, giving the CNBC types and the marketeers sufficient cover - the Dow candlestick chart shows today as a key reversal day, with today's action - up, then down, then back up - engulfing the previous four sessions on the Dow. Interesting also is the pint at which the rally ended, almost exactly at the 200-day moving average. It's almost as if it was planned, though that kind of statement might brand one as a wearer of tin-foil hats and a believer in astrology or Scientology.

These kinds of "outside" reversals almost always signal a change in direction, so, outside of more malignant market manipulation, stocks should head south on Friday and continue in that general direction heading up to the FOMC meeting Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Upon the Fed keeping rates unchanged, it will be "mission accomplished" for the time being. multiple flavors of options expire on Friday, so expect volatility heading into the end of next week.

Then again, one could hold real assets outside the system, those being anything raised without the assistance of fiat money (think animal husbandry, vegetable gardening and barter), or the hated precious metals and/or gemstones.

In he end, people use money or currency to buy the things they need to lead free, comfortable lives. If one were to master the ability to minimize dependence on the fiat money system and maximize the ability to produce energy, food and goods, there would be little need for any kind of currency except that controlled by the actual buyers and sellers.

There, the survivalist, off-the-grid types make perfect sense.

Thursday's Round-trip Extravaganza:
S&P 500: 1,989.57, +0.31 (0.02%)
Dow: 16,995.13, -5.23 (0.03%)
NASDAQ: 4,662.16, -12.22 (0.26%)

Crude Oil 37.88 -1.07% Gold 1,271.90 +1.15% EUR/USD 1.1179 +1.64% 10-Yr Bond 1.9290 +1.96% Corn 363.00 +0.97% Copper 2.23 -0.31% Silver 15.59 +1.43% Natural Gas 1.80 +3.03% Russell 2000 1,063.99 -0.82% VIX 18.05 -1.58% BATS 1000 20,677.17 0.00% GBP/USD 1.4282 +0.49% USD/JPY 113.2420

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