Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Millenials May Be The Last Free Americans

On this day, a conversation was had with a couple of millennials, roughly in their mid-20s, working (or acting like they were working) in a smoke shop.

The conversation - following them chiding a senior citizen for talking about rolling your own and growing your own tobacco while he was buying rolling papers - was inferior, not even worth mentioning, which is why it is being mentioned.

At issue is the future, and the current youth... or, at least a sizable portion of them, want to vote for Bernie Sanders, who promises a $15/hour minimum wage, free college for everybody, and a host of other liberal-ideological non sequiturs that would essentially turn a once-prosperous free-market country (USA) into another stinking hell-hole like much of Europe, or the Middle East, or perhaps, Japan.

The problem lies not with the millennials. They don't know any better. Most of them haven't been around for more than 25 years, meaning that scads of them were in high school during 9-11, and those images are burnt into their psyches, as too the neo-liberal education they've been given, in which they know little about history, economics, language, culture or just about anything that would promote a thriving, free nation.

No, to blame are largely baby boomers, who foisted upon their youth such undistinguished values as participation trophies, non-judgemental attitudes, video games, addiction to cell phones, social media and other claptrap that promotes laziness, sloth, stupidity, class hatred, and decline.

Between the educational system run from afar in Washington, D.C., the Federal Reserve (also a D.C. inhabitant), and a mainstream media intent on propaganda du jour rather than objective journalism, the millennials may just be the last generation of Americans who can claim any level of freedom.

Americans are being taxed, silenced, tabooed, and numbed into a state of slavish devotion to media and government.

As a nation, America is pretty much doomed unless radical changes in the culture are made, and soon. Traditional values would be a welcome relief, but, whenever they are proposed, millennials scoff and pay, and continue down the path to self-destruction.

Thank you, Janet:
S&P 500: 2,068.46, +13.45 (0.65%)
Dow: 17,748.61, +115.50 (0.66%)
NASDAQ: 4,881.76, +35.14 (0.73%)

Crude Oil 38.38 +0.26% Gold 1,229.00 -0.69% EUR/USD 1.1335 +0.36% 10-Yr Bond 1.83 +0.88% Corn 369.25 -1.01% Copper 2.19 -1.02% Silver 15.25 +0.11% Natural Gas 1.99 +0.66% Russell 2000 1,113.52 +0.40% VIX 13.40 -3.04% BATS 1000 20,682.61 0.00% GBP/USD 1.4378 -0.06% USD/JPY 112.4500 -0.22%

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