Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Back To School Not For All; Trump Surges

Well, it's still summer for those of us who go by the calendar rather than a Labor Day or back-to-school regimen.

Actually, most of us hated school, didn't we? And work isn't much better, so... retirement?

Good luck with that.

In any case, stocks are confused, but oil dipped to its lowest level in weeks, which should set firre to the bears' feet. They'll be coming out of summer slumber soon enough to catch another downdraft is our guess, even though the Fed dare not raise the federal funds rate next week.

The likelihood of a Trump presidency grows larger with each passing day, which is enough to cause serious sickness across the investing spectrum, although his victory will prove a dynamic positive in the long run.

It's the short term that scares most people.

Wednesday's Woes:
Dow Jones Industrial Average
18,034.77, -31.98 (-0.18%)

5,173.77, 18.52 (0.36%)

S&P 500
2,125.77, -1.25 (-0.06%)

NYSE Composite
10,511.54, -23.82 (-0.23%)

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