Thursday, October 20, 2016

Why Bother With This Yo-Yo Market?

Since Money Daily is still on the camping-off-the-grid-who-cares schedule, some readers (all three of you) might be wondering why.

The answer is simple. Just like the US electoral process, the stock market is rigged. It's been rigged since 2008 at least, when the wheels actually did fall off, but the central bank consortium, in association with various elected and unelected governments worldwide, managed to pull wool over the public's eyes (after a good and righteous fleecing of course) and get the global economy chugging along again.

One problem, however, remained, and remains until this very day.

The wheels fell off.

When stocks crashed in 2008 and banks were about to become entities controlled by conservators or administrators in receivership, the Federal Reserve swooped in and rescued them. All of them. Even banks and institutions in Europe. All except for Lehman Brothers, which was quickly bankrupted and sold piecemeal to entities such as Barclay's and Nomura. Other banks sucked up such failed entities as Countrywide, Merrill Lynch, and Indymac. Had they not, the bankruptcies would have proceeded as normal.

Instead of the orderly process of bankruptcy and the wholesale disposition of assets, the Fed and the banks (again, with help from the government, i.e., taxpayer money) bailed out the system, which is why it's still broken. There are pieces of failure floating all around the financial universe though rarely is a word spoken of them.

For just one instance, consider the fates of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two quasi-government mortgage institutions that are still under government receivership. Congress has been and continues to be unwilling to unwind these GSAs because all the bad would come out of them. The Fed is sitting on bad mortgages from a decade ago, the US housing market in many areas is in a shambles and interest rates have nowhere to go but down.

The Fed, the ECB and the bank of Japan - among others - have circled the wagons and there's no way out... for anybody. Prosperity is a word reserved for history books. Job growth is non-existent, wage growth is stagnant, GDP is a made up number that barely suffices to cover the ultimate fraud of excessive government and central bank intervention.

In case anyone wonders why stocks haven't budged since breaking out to new highs in July (a direct result of Brexit and resulting manipulation to hide the sins) it's precisely because there is no real market. There is no price discovery because that's been blown apart by the Fed. There's only guessing and manipulation.

What used to be the most robust and dynamic markets in the world have been reduced to pixie dust and unicorns. None of it is real. From the dollar bills we use for currency to the massive treasury bond auctions that fund the continued fantasy of a working financial system, it's all fake. Every price is contrived; there is no such thing as fundamental financial analysis.

There is only the Fed, the EU and the BOJ. And they're all phonies.

God, when will it all end?

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