Wednesday, January 25, 2017

At Last! Dow Shatters 20,000 Mark; S&P 500, NASDAQ Also At Record Highs

No comment necessary since the topic of the Dow Jones Industrial Average breaking beyond 20,000 has been predicted, speculated upon, and beaten to death for more than a month running.

Incidentally, the S&P and NASDAQ also closed at record all-time highs.

The only question: will it hold?

Those of us who remember Dow 10,000 may recall that level being crossed some 57 times before finally moving on, so some back-and-forth is to be expected.

At the Close 1.25.17:
Dow: 20,068.51, +155.80 (0.78%)
NASDAQ: 5,656.34, +55.38 (0.99%)
S&P 500: 2,298.37, +18.30 (0.80%)
NYSE Composite: 11,342.70, +93.42 (0.83%)

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