Monday, June 12, 2017

Tech Wreck? Hardly. Stocks Shaky, But Steady Late Monday; Gold, Silver Slaughtered

Not to worry, the sky isn't falling... yet.

Tech stocks got bashed again, this time in foreign markets, after Friday's mini-meltdown, but cooler heads (or those more in control) late in the day, bringing the NASDAQ back to its best level of the day into the closing bell.

However, the S&P and Dow both suffered losses, albeit minor. What's interesting is that amid all the noise and clamor, gold and silver have been dashed, the selling merciless over the past week. This is the same pattern that developed at the onset of the GFC. As strange as it may seem, precious metals were liquidated before stocks, purportedly to make margin calls. Apparently, most of those in brokerage-land just think PMs are nothing more than hedges and fast cash in case of emergencies.

While that may be true, one wonders why such violent action in gold and especially in silver is occurring at this juncture. Sure, the FAANGs are overvalued and should be taken to the whipping post, but liquidation of PMs is a more serious business, though admittedly, quick.

If, indeed, margin calls have been making the rounds, there's little doubt that the PMs would get sold, and also no question that more trouble is on the horizon.

Tuesday and Wednesday are set for the FOMC policy meeting, so there may not be much in the way of wild swings until 2:00 pm ET on Wednesday, when the policy is set. There have been strong indications that the Fed will raise the federal funds rate by 25 basis points and this hissy fit in techno-land is unlikely to disrupt that.

The remainder of the week, after the FOMC meeting, should prove insightful for market participants. Continued weakness could signal significant trouble ahead and a serious turn of fortune for stockholders.

Stay tuned.

At the Close, 6/12/17:
Dow: 21,235.67, -36.30 (-0.17%)
NASDAQ: 6,175.46, -32.45 (-0.52%)
S&P 500 2,429.39, -2.38 (-0.10%)
NYSE Composite: 11,746.46, +1.73 (0.01%)
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