Friday, July 14, 2017

Wall Street To Yellen: We Love You, Janet

Wall Street's reaction to Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen's appearance on Capitol Hill the past two days has been nothing short of a high school romance.

It's been impulsive, short and intense.

And now, with hope, it's over. Perhaps we'll all be spared the details of the jilting. Janet will probably say something about stocks being overvalued and the traders will quietly sulk away, probably over to the bond pits, where they know true love - albeit at low yields - can be found.

The idea that frumpy Janet Yellen can make the masters of industry and, say some, the universe, trip and fall over each other on their ways to buying stocks is as ludicrous as the entire idiocy of centralized financial planning by the Federal Reserve.

Since global finance and economics is vast and unpredictable, the power of the Fed to control it is diminished. Certainly, the Federal Reserve has tools at its disposal to direct policy actions which often translate into tangible results in the real world, but, more often than not, they cannot direct the actions of billions of individuals, millions of businesses, and trillions in currencies.

Those engaged in the business known as the financial industry would like to believe - and to pass that belief along to clients - that the Fed does have everything under control. The facts speak differently. In the fall of 2008, when Lehman Brothers collapsed, the Fed had lost control and they scrambled, along with their central banking brethren from other countries, to restore some sense of balance and sanity.

But, they were too late. Stocks crashed. Banks needed massive injections of liquidity (money) from taxpayers in the form of a $700 billion monstrosity known in the day as TARP. Strange as it may seem, TARP actually stood for Troubled Asset Relief Program. The troubled assets were mortgages. The relief was in the form of taxpayer money. Essentially, the crooked banking cabal tacked another $700 billion onto the trillions of debt already owed by the federal government, i.e., the citizens and businesses of the United States of America.

So, there's no wonder that Wall Street loves the Fed and the fair-haired Janet Yellen. They're assured that whatever numbskull trades or risky maneuvers the banks and financial institutions make will be promptly papered over by Janet and her gang of official-looking thieves.

The Federal Reserve has robbed Americans and the rest of the world since 1913. It has endured two World Wars, a massive global depression, countless smaller recessions, booms, busts, inflations, deflations, devaluations, the start and end of Bretton Woods, confiscation of gold, manipulation of silver and mostly, inflation that has devalued the US Dollar, the currency of the United States of America, by 97% over the past 104 years.

When the next financial crisis arrives - and it will, eventually - the Fed will be standing firm, looking cute and sweet, with a plan to revive the spirit and stability of the "system." When that time comes, Wall Street must be restrained by the public. They must be told, like the high school boys they imitate, "she's no good for you."

Investors and fund managers and pensioners must be told, "you're in an abusive relationship. You need to get out."

It's time to end the love affair with the Fed.

At the Close, 7/13/17:
Dow: 21,553.09, +20.95 (0.10%)
NASDAQ: 6,274.44, +13.27 (0.21%)
S&P 500: 2,447.83, +4.58 (0.19%)
NYSE Composite: 11,844.62, +18.73 (0.16%)

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