Wednesday, November 29, 2017

All-Time Highs Becoming the Norm on Wall Street

Even though a potential government shutdown and another rate hike by the Fed are just weeks away, stock investors don't seem to care.

All the major indices rocketed out of the gate to impressive gains on Tuesday, eviscerating previous records.

As Wednesday morning approaches the opening bell, news that third quarter GDP was revised higher in the second estimate, to 3.3%, has futures kicking higher.

While Bitcoin surpassed $10,000 per coin on Tuesday night, the Dow might one-up the cryptocurrency by hurtling past 24,000 on Wednesday. The Dow Industrials passed the 22,000 mark on September 11, and cruised above 23,000 on October 18, so, ripping through 24,000 in just over a month wouldn't be much of a surprise.

At the Close, Tuesday, November 28, 2017:
Dow: 23,836.71, +255.93 (+1.09%)
NASDAQ: 6,912.36, +33.84 (+0.49%)
S&P 500: 2,627.04, +25.62 (+0.98%)
NYSE Composite: 12,520.23, +129.45 (+1.04%)
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