Thursday, September 25, 2008

Joy Ride Up (and Down) Wall Street (Part 2)

The government, which is supposedly under the purview of the "people" has run amuck. They are not responsive to the wishes of the people. Congressional aides said that calls were coming in to their offices yesterday 99-1 AGAINST any kind of bailout, yet the government presses ahead.

And, sure, we've had these kinds of things before, but this is very different. They are going to sweep away all the wrongdoing with what's likely to become $2 trillion before they're done, with absolutely no accountability.

If the government passes this legislation - and I'm pretty sure that they will - you can kiss this country good bye in less than 20 years. All of the baby boomer generation will have retired by then, most of them to a life of poverty and degradation as prices soar and social security is cut back.

I have three nieces whom I love. Their futures are being wasted by this insidious government only interested in winning the next election. Once any politician gets to Washington, they become part of one bigger party: the ruling class.

Whoever wins the election will do no better. I thought Obama was the agent of change. WELL, HE CAN START BY NOT GOING ALONG WITH THE STATUS QUO. HE'S JUST ANOTHER ONE OF THEM, AND SO IS MCCAIN. We will get no change, no matter who wins. Just more of the same. And slowly, slowly, our freedoms are eroded and the nation falls further and further into debt and the politicians and Wall Street do as they please while we struggle to get by.

Adieu, America. You are not the country I once knew. You are a perversion, a shadow, a shallow reflection of what once was great.

I am thoroughly disgusted and beyond enraged. I am now the opposition.

A message posted to a message board called the bailout plan, "...a fascist takeover hiding behind a cultivated emergency."

That language is completely appropriate.

How this affects you and me: a rough outline

Every taxpayer (different from every American, as it excludes children, retirees, those on welfare or other public assistance, etc.) will incur about $5000 of debt, maybe $10,000 when it's all over, to be paid by current and yes, future taxpayers. Plus interest.

You won't get a bill for it, but you will notice that the government, in its infinite wisdom will work out other "market mechanisms" to ratchet up the pressure on the American taxpayer.

Highway tolls, fees for licenses, excise taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, will all increase all the way down the food chain. Services from government will shrink in size and scope. Basic necessities will cost more: gas, food, heating oil. The government will impose more tariffs on foreign goods to help pay the bill. They don't care that you'll pay more for anything imported, and just about everything is.

The dollar will continue to sink in value. Corporations, most of which do business outside the US will prosper. Home values will decline or stagnate. Wages will stagnate while the govt. takes more out of your paycheck.

So, while there's no actual bill to pay, the money is coming out of your pocket in the form of increased fees, inflation, and a lower standard of living which has as an ultimate end, nothing but devastation and failure, because the bill never gets paid, never gets forgiven.

The bailout doesn't even begin to solve the problem, it exacerbates it, kicking the can down the road. Trouble is, the road is a dead end.

Our government lies, cheats and steals from the public on a daily basis. And it's time for Americans to do the same to them. Stop paying whatever taxes you can. The loopholes are out there. I urge everyone to file a dba and form a home business, take all the deductions and lose money. Stiff them right back. What are they going to do? Put us all in jail.

Don't laugh. They might. The greed and hubris of this government knows no bounds. The stupidity of their idealism is that eventually, there will be no one left from which to steal.

The truth of the matter - which they won't tell us, ergo, the bailout - is that half of the major banks and financial institutions are already insolvent and so is the government. After this and Fannie and Freddie, we'll be over $11,000,000,000,000 in debt. And that, my friends, is $36,700 for every man, woman and child in America owed to foreign governments and lien holders. Pay up!

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