Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Morning News Shows Have Become Un-Watchable, Unbearable

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Maybe it's just me.

Maybe I've gotten too old (61), too cranky, or too intolerant to listen to government and media morons every Sunday morning, or, to put it into closer perspective, ANY SUNDAY MORNING.

Today, since I can no longer stomach NBC's Meet the Press, I tuned into FoxNews Sunday, which airs at the same time in my market (thank goodness). After just four minutes of hearing why President Obama needs to call ISIS (ISIL) "Islamic Extremists," I was done. Is that kind of devolved worthless introspective what the news media (propagandists) deems important?

Or, maybe I should just sit through it, listen to the usually empty talking heads and the next potential Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential election and make my life choices based upon the trite script the networks wish to foist upon the American public.

That just doesn't seem to be a wise choice. Besides, we have the Brian Williams incident leading the indictment against mainstream news. Televised media, which took over when people stopped reading newspapers, is a hollow hell-hole of disingenuous political nonsense. Just watch any of these Sunday shows, or, a week's worth of evening news on ABCBSNBC, and count how many stories are devoted to government matters. It's nearly all of it.

Is that all that matters in America, anymore? What the government is doing?

Sorry, I'm tuning out.

There's better news coverage from alternative sources on the internet, and, I don't mean 140 characters on Twitter.

Rant over, and I still have 40 minutes of my life left that I used to spend "keeping up."