Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For those suckers in stocks, today was a good day. all of the major indices posted gains, with the Dow jones Industrials close to 52-week highs.

Gold and silver were also higher, but, if you had money in your pocket, your investment was safe and not exposed to any risk except that of somebody robbing you.

You must learn to love cash. It has no equal as far as liquidity is concerned, it takes up very little space, and can buy more things, especially things by which you can make more cash. It's tax-free once in your possession and nobody has to know how much or how little you have of it. With a little, you can buy a decent meal. With a lot, the world's your oyster.

Every minute of every waking day should be an effort to raise more cash. Even as I write this, tiny increments of cash are headed my way, in a never-ending flow (well, as long as the advertising market remains intact). I have various web sites and blogs which generate cash all day and all night. Over the past 5 years, it's been the most remarkable, reliable source of cash I have found. The best part of it is that I incrementally improve my earnings with more traffic. More eyeballs = more page views = more $$ for me and my partners.

If you don't have a stream of income like mine, you're going to be left to find other ways to make money, probably a job, the most degrading, insecure, life-cheating device ever invented. The job has enslaved millions and millions of people who could be otherwise leading normal, productive lives. If you have a job, I'm sorry. I your boss is an absolute ass, too bad. I've been there, many years ago. Didn't like it. Moved on.

Having a regular job is about the absolute worst way I can imagine going through life. The alarm clock, the traffic, the meetings, the BS, the commute home, are all so conducive to wasting one's life that I chose to avoid that path completely. Now, there are the benefits of a regular check, until you get laid off, that is, or fired, but how many of us use that money wisely to free ourselves from the mordant, the mundane, the mortal blows of employment?

You need to find a way out of the rat race. Here's my simple tip for the day: Sell something on ebay. Anything, one item a week at least. You can find something around the house that you don't use, want or need. Somebody will buy it. Put the money you make into a tin or bank or bottle, and leave it there. Keep adding every week. Just keep adding to it. You'll find the habit addictive and maybe, in 2 years or 10 years, you'll have enough to do whatever you want with your life. You'll have enough to quit your job and become a surfer, or a guitarist or something that doesn't involve checking in on a daily basis with a boss, who, by the way, could give a sh-t about you or your life.

Dow 10,680.77, +53.51 (0.50%)
NASDAQ 2,307.90, +25.59 (1.12%)
S&P 500 1,145.68, +9.46 (0.83%)
NYSE Composite 7,430.14, +59.69 (0.81%)

Advancers beat decliners, 4581-1924. New Highs: 405; New Lows: 55.

NYSE Volume 4,821,581,000
NASDAQ Volume 2,348,554,000

Oil, -$1.14, $79.65. Gold, +$8.60, $1,138.00. Silver, +$0.15, $18.40.

See ya.

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