Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everybody Up for Fund Manager Monday

Dow 10,154.43. +56.53 (0.56%)
NASDAQ 2,198.23, +19.18 (0.88%)
S&P 500 1,071.25, +6.37 (0.60%)
NYSE Composite 6,739.64. +30.13 (0.45%)

Volume was absurdly low. Advancer beat decliners, 3971-2424. New highs surpassed new lows by a count of 163-133, which, due to the skewed NASDAQ readings (78 new lows, 16 new highs) bears more consideration. In wide, absurd, general terms, NASDAQ companies are younger, more intuitive and more likely to be managed by entrepreneurial types with less business knowledge and experience than their peers in, say, the Fortune 500.

If the case is that these companies are unable to meet obligations because of the horrid and deplorable banking situation in the US, thus scaring off investors and fomenting failure, then it should come as no surprise that the banking, credit and financing system in the United States of America is a miserable failure, and that the only companies receiving funding of any kind are the largest and most-deeply-entrenched in the hopelessly-corrupted and dysfunctional political system.

It is an untenable condition that cannot continue without severe repercussions, to business and polity alike. Innovation and enterprise cannot be constrained by either governmental will not banking constriction. As necessary as mother's milk to newborn creatures, capital remains essential, and without it, no enterprise can prosper, much less survive.

The ridiculous situation into which the Federal Reserve Bank has painted itself - free money and no lending - can, and actually has, maintained itself for much longer than most financially-minded individuals would have thought possible. How much further the Fed and its other friendly central banks can sustain the pantomime performance is a matter of pure conjecture. It could end tomorrow as easily as sometime in the next year, but it will end, as do all performances, good, bad or otherwise unremarkable. And when it does, there will be chaos, and all assets will lose value, some more than others.

US stock markets, and by inference, global markets, are headed for a spectacular crash within the next two days to six months, almost with 100% certainty. The imbalances in the global economic diaspora are too great for anyone rational to come to any other conclusion. By November, equities should be flattened to levels heretofore unthinkable. If there's any need for proof, simply follow the travails of Bank of America (BAC), a company too big to fail, which has failed.

There is no amount of money (it being all of the fiat variety and based upon nothing other than the good word of a given government, almost all of which have been proven to be utterly craven, corrupt and transitory throughout history) that can save Bank of America. The company owns enormous amounts of non-performing loans and continues to operate with a balance sheet in which most of the "bad" assets are not accounted for, those being on off-balance instruments and subject to laughable "mark-to-market" accounting rules.

Bank of America should have been liquidated last year or the year before, surely as soon as it acquired Countywide, the absolute root of the financial collapse, but, by government fiat, it was allowed to continue along with a good number of its large banking brethren, "for the good of the country" or some other brackish backwash as that.

It is a dead entity, a zombie, and of no further use to the general welfare of either its investors or its creditors. It should be broken up, dismantled and sold for parts. I believe Dr. Nouriel Roubini stated this very same argument, possibly as long ago as early 2009, maybe even sooner.

Wipe Bank of America and Citigroup off the landscape of corporations and the rebuilding of the global economy can begin... after a few thousand other banks go down in a heap with them.

Oh, and by the way, if our weenie Attorney General Holder doesn't put the screws to BP for the life of their company, then the American people should simply stop paying taxes. The damages to our sovereign lands and waters done by this company are already in excess of $100 billion, to say nothing of the harm to commerce. If AG Holder isn't up to the task of holding this rogue company responsible, then he has no place in his position.

NASDAQ Volume 1,759,521,250
NYSE Volume 4,697,778,000

Oil was higher by 53 cents, to $76.54. Gold lost $6,30, to $1,181.70. Silver fell 24 cents, to $17.53. Check with me later, but by October, oil should be below $65 a barrel, gold should be around $1045 or lower and silver should be hovering around the $14 level.

That's all I've got for now. See you tomorrow.

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