Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Markets Continue to Rally in Spite of World Tensions

Honestly, I've never - in more than 40 years of market-watching - seen anything quite as obnoxious, illogical, repugnant and obscene as the current market dynamics.

Japan is reeling from the tsunami of nearly three weeks ago, their nuclear disaster continues to worsen, and all the Wall Street mob can do is push stocks higher and higher.

Housing is still in a major depression, real unemployment is at 17%, states and cities are struggling to balance their budgets, Northern Africa and the Middle East are in flames and revolution. Somehow, Wall Street imagines this to be bullish.

I consider it a trap, designed to entice small investors to plunge into stocks just when they are approaching the most overbought condition in the past two years, spurred on by free money being pumped in by the Federal Reserve and just before the release of first quarter earnings statements.

It's difficult to believe anything put out for inspection by the financial media, as controlled as it is by the Wall Street elite and how piously they - CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal - pray at the font of greed and lasciviousness.

Someone said the other day that we have become George Orwell's 1984 - forever at war with Eastasia or Eurasia, where doublespeak is the norm, and where love is hate, evil is good, and thoughtcrime is prosecutable.

We've passed into an era of extreme income disparity, and the elitists are, as usual, winning. Ever so slowly, the entire population of the planet is being lied to, poisoned, swindled and debased. Something has to change. But, there is so much cognitive dissonance within the general population, I fear nothing will change. We will - with the exception of a few - accept our fate willingly and go about our dreary days without purpose, without cause and without a future.

Dow 12,350.61, +71.60 (0.58%)
NASDAQ 2,776.79, +19.90 (0.72%)
S&P 500 1,328.26, +8.82 (0.67%)
NYSE Composite 8,416.69, +71.31 (0.85%)

Once again, advancing issues led decliners, 4709-1835. The NASDAQ showed 192 new highs and 23 new lows. On the NYSE, there were 262 new highs and 12 new lows. Absurd. Volume was a little better than the previous two days, but only marginally so.

NASDAQ Volume 1,829,250,875
NYSE Volume 4,167,294,000

Oil eased off a bit today, down 52 cents, to $104.27, though still stubbornly clinging to the new, semi-permanent $105 area. Gold gained $7.50, to 1,423.80, and silver was up 52 cents, to $37.51.

Prior to the market open, the ADP private payroll data was announced for March, showing a gain of 201,000 new jobs. Usually disregarded as a flawed survey, today it was warmly embraced by the financial media elite, in advance of Friday's March non farm payroll numbers.

Does it matter? Even if the government announces that unemployment is 8.5% (laughable, though they might), the new jobs are paying 60-80% of what the lost jobs did. The middle class continues to be squeezed to death by income stagnation and inflation in prices for everyday living goods, gas, food, utilities, clothing.

Where will it end? When will it end?

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