Wednesday, May 4, 2011

American Sheeple Love to Be Fleeced and Played

The lies, half-truths and material obfuscation by the government has reached new heights with the latest flip-flop on the "Osama bin Laden is dead" story.

Now the president won't release a picture of a dead bin Laden because it might inflame the Jihadists of the world. Rubbish! Pure, unadulterated nonsense from the man who is supposed to be the leader of the greatest nation on the planet, but is now exposed as nothing more than a simple liar.

Lies, lies and more lies are all the American people can expect from the most corrupt government the world has ever seen. The details of this entire, "we got him" affair have changed so often as to strain credulity until it doubles over in laughter or vomiting, or both.

First, the story originally released by AP on Sunday night, May 1, was that bin Laden was killed a week prior and that the White House had been waiting for DNA tests to confirm that the victim was indeed the world's bogeyman. Anyone watching the news scroll on FoxNews or CNN saw it, undeniably. That story vanished as soon as the president stepped up to the podium that Sunday night.

Then there were reports of a firefight, now, no firefight. Osama was armed, then he wasn't; he used his wife as a human shield, then he didn't and it wasn't even his wife, then it was his wife and she was shot because she rushed one of the Seals. There were two helicopters, no, three, no, there were four. Then Osama bin Laden is taken out of the compound to Afghanistan and rushed to an aircraft carrier for a proper burial at sea. Sure, that's completely understandable, especially if you believe Osama bin Laden was a seaman or a pirate.

Of course, there's the implausibility factor of a huge compound with 18-foot high walls, topped by barbed wire in a town populated by retired Pakistani military people, which never raised any suspicion for five or six years. That's certainly believable.

The entire episode is one huge farce and sadly, the iPad buying American sheeple public-at-large will gooble up every last sound bite of it, all the while chanting, USA, USA, USA! because the American sheeple actually love being conned, swindled, cheated, fleeced and sheared by their government. After all, this is the culmination of the 9/11 attacks, the major farce that has to this day never been adequately explained.

But, so what? Osama the Terrible is dead, right, and whether he's been dead for five, six or seven years is really immaterial because the powers that be are changing the narrative. They had to, because the most recent narrative of borrow and spend and gas at $4.00 a gallon and rising food prices and war on three fronts wasn't really going all that well, was it?

So, now, we have crashing commodity prices, falling stocks and oil down seven bucks in three days. Get ready for the new AUSTERITY coming to America. The sheeple will be fleeced from an entirely different direction and instead of calling it a recession or a depression, it will be known as a period of "slow growth" or "stagnation." Anything but calling a spade a spade, a recession a recession, a depression a depression.

The American sheeple will receive less in government service and be taxed more for it all in a "shared sacrifice" decade of austerity that is evolving even as we sit back and watch the latest American Idol or Star Dancing. America has been permanently dumbed-down and defeated, and the government loves it because an ignorant public is a well-behaved public. Give them their bread and circuses, today known as food stamps and football, and they'll just blindly follow along.

That's just the way it is, sheeple, one and all. You love being played.

Dow 12,723.58, -83.93 (0.66%)
NASDAQ 2,828.23, -13.39 (0.47%)
S&P 500 1,347.32, -9.30 (0.69%)
NYSE Composite 8,506.61, -78.07 (0.91%)

For a change, everything (except bonds) went down. Declining issues overwhelmed advancers - for the third day in a row - by a score of 4700-1904. On the NASDAQ, the flip required to shake the markets from rally mode to selling spree occurred today with 52 new highs, but 53 new lows. On the NYSE, stubbornness prevailed with 89 new highs and 28 new lows, but it's getting closer. Volume, unsurprisingly, was up again today, on a down day, an ominous warning that more selling is on the way.

NASDAQ Volume 2,250,185,000
NYSE Volume 5,078,037,500

Commodities continued to be whipped into submission. WTI crude oil futures fell another $1.81, to $109.24, the lowest price in two weeks. Gold tumbled another $20.60, to $1516.50 and silver took another massive beating, down $2.27, to $39.39. And, this just in after the close, margin requirements on silver are being raised again by the CME. Apparently sending the price of silver down $11 in three days isn't enough to square all of HSBC's and JP Morgan's short positions.

The often-discredited ADP Payroll report for April was released prior to the open today, showing private payrolls increasing by 179,000, short of consensus. But the real news was that the ISM Services index fell from 57.3 in March to 52.8 in April, a pretty big loss and well below consensus estimates of 57.5.

Tomorrow comes another week of initial unemployment and continuing claims, which precedes the BLS non-farm payroll report on Friday.

Prepare for disaster because we've been living one for the past three years.

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